Are John Cena and The Rock friends in real life?

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The two WWE starts John Cena and The Rock is one of the most popular face of the wrestling world. Now both are working in Hollywood Industry too. But the question is “Are John Cena and The Rock friends in real life?”. As we know that every WWE Episode is documented and if you have been seen heat up between The Rock and John Cena then here we will clear everything about Both the wrestlers and actors.

Are John Cena and The Rock friends in real life Are John Cena and The Rock friends in real life?

In the starting of 2010 there was heat up between The Rock and John Cena, and their rivalry during WrestlMania Main Event was scripted by WWE and their dispute was screened. It was not only on screen but they had been seen feud off screen too.

There is not doubt that previously there was a logical heat up between both. John Cena and The Rock never denied about their heat. But it was almost with in the game but there is a big question that everyone want to know that, are they friends. The answer is simple – it depends on who you ask.

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, has clearly said on his rivalry with John Cena on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying:

“In the world of wrestling, it’s fictionalized, it’s a TV show, but we had our rivalry. Now we can look back on it, it was so real.”

However, he went on to state that it’s all water under the bridge and even described Cena as one of his “best friends”. The following week, John Cena was on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was asked about The Rock’s comments.

Cena had a slightly different perspective. While agreeing that his rivalry with The Rock was real and that they’re now friends, he didn’t seem to think that he was one of Johnson’s “best friends”. When Jimmy Kimmel asked John Cena whether he had been to The Rock’s house, the 16-time World Champion said “10 times” before adding “in my mind”.

From the look of things, Cena and The Rock are, in fact, friends in real life. However, it may not be as close as the latter first stated and the two might simply be on good terms and not necessarily very close.

John Cena even revealed to Jimmy Kimmel the following year that The Rock gave him a valuable piece of advice about his acting career. He told Cena to simply be himself – a piece of advice that stuck with WWE’s former franchise player.

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Why did John Cena and The Rock have legitimate heat in 2010s?

When John Cena and The Rock began their rivalry, there were past comments made that added tension to it. For WWE, it was a rivalry between two icons that would inevitably break pay-per-view records.

For John Cena and The Rock, it was a little more personal. Cena had previously bashed The Brahma Bull for leaving WWE in favor of a Hollywood career. At the time, John Cena was still in the prime of his run as the face of WWE, which makes it slightly understandable that he would take a dig at The Rock for leaving in his prime.

The Rock didn’t take well to these comments either, causing some real-life heat between the two men. However, Cena eventually followed the same path to Hollywood and later admitted that he was wrong to criticize The Rock for doing what was best for himself and establishing a brand.

It’s all water under the bridge now and the two are friends – maybe not very close ones, but friends nonetheless.

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