Valorant Server Launch For India in Two Weeks

Valorant game players getting server latency problem on South East Asia server. A Reddit user posted a question regarding “anybody getting ping issue?”.

Valorant is being popular world wide and craze of Valorant is high in India also. After Pubg Mobile ban gamers streamer and content creators searching the games which is more preferable is Valorant. But there was a big problem with Valorant is High ping due to server.

Now a good news for Indian Valoran players whose were facing problem of ping. Riots is going to establish their India server Location in Mumbai and testing the server. It is confirmed by Riots.

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Before Installation of Server in India, Indian players are playing on East Asia Server and there was big server latency issue with players. Valorant Player listened to say that they get ping 150 after a good quality internet. But finally problem is looking resolved and players from Mumbai and India will get ping of almost 10-80.

Valorant Server Server Location in India

Before some days there was a big doubts that only jio fiber user getting latency problem but later it was confirmed that all the internet service provider’s user getting problem of high pings. But today it is confirmed that Riots installed there server in India which will be properly operational within two weeks.

In the morning Valorant Server was on for sometime and users are shocked to see never seen before. The ping was 60 while Indian Players are playing game and its never seen. It was full of joy for the player who love to play Valorant.

We hope that Indian players will get good ping and enjoy the game.