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Hello Friends, Welcome to Our Valheim Tips 2021 Post How to Mine Ore in Valheim. In this article, we’re taking a look at mining and metal specifically how to get tin, copper, and bronze, which is how you start Your advancement into getting better gear and tools and all that stuff.


Now just the first thing to say is you’re gonna need a charcoal kiln and you’re also gonna need a smelter. So that’s gonna be the first focus is how we get that stuff because that’s how you smelt down your copper and your tin to get yourself those materials and also the bronze with the forge.

How you smelt down your copper and your tin

So first thing, how do we get these metals? Well, we need some circling cores to get a certain court and need to go to a black forest and find a burial chamber. First here are the things that you want to take with you before you go, gear up with the best armor because these places are pretty dangerous and you are going to get attacked.  Be sure to take some weapons like the stag breaker hammer, it is really quite useful and the stag breaker hammer can be used to destroy the skeleton spawners if there’s a load of them around as well as attack the different mobs as well we want to take a shield with you.

Mining is going to take quite a long time so you might be there for a long time.  You can carry so what you might want to do is, do a load of mining, leave it in a chest when you get there and then come back for a later date with the cart if you want to see a tutorial on how to use the cart.

Now the other thing that you’re of course going to need is your pickaxe. We’ve got here antler pickaxe now you must defeat the first boss in order to get your antler pickaxe again if you want to know how to spawn and defeat the first boss easily then Click on the Below Post.

How to Spawn and Defeat the First Boss

So once you’ve got all this stuff the next thing to do is to head off to a black forest now. If we go onto map We’ve already found a few one up here is quite a big one that i haven’t fully explored yet so we’re going to head up to there now and then i’ll show you what to do once you’re there essentially the stack breaker hammer that you see here will require a bit of pine wood in order to make

so you get that from black forest biomes you’ll see pine trees which you can chop down there so you might want to take some of that with you uh or grab something if you want to make the hammer to take with you uh the other thing as well one final thing to say is you may want to consider taking some torches with you um torches will bring you the light that you’ll need when you’re going through the burial chambers. this is not essential and as you’ll see later on this Post I do it without the torches but it just might be something that as a personal preference you might want to take without any further ado let’s go

look at how we explore those little chambers and get the certain cause okay so as you can see i’m in a black forest it tells you the biome on your map in the top right-hand corner of the screen and i found one of these things which is a burial chamber so oh there’s a boar here so let’s

we’ll just take care of that real quick um yep ball’s gone so this is where we need to go is inside here so i’m gonna go ahead and equip my uh hammer so let’s put stuff away grab our hammer out there we go and we’re gonna go into this thing uh now you may want to take torches with you as well because it’s gonna be dark i didn’t bring any torches with me this time um but we’re just gonna head through i

you don’t need torches uh just it might like you might feel better having them um but here we go now in here you can see we’ve got these little yellow mushroom things um so they will heal your health you’ll find these little doors now apologies for it being dark in here

there’s not a whole lot I can do about that and you’ll find these skeletons and so this is why you need to be careful and this is why you want a good weapon with you like the hammer that i’ve got here and uh they sort of stop and then they’ll hit so you can run away from there and then kill them like that but just use whichever weapons and armor and stuff you’re most comfortable with um okay so there’s more in here it seems um

yeah there’s a few in here I just want to try and get these so there’s a chest there maybe as well and obviously eat lots of food before you go in like I’ve done here so in the chest here you’ll find some different things so you’ll find all different loot and stuff through here whether it’s chests the bone fragments that you’ll get from killing the skeletons you might find

some like rubies and stuff lying around and you’ll also find this a lot of dead ends as well so you just need to explore through try and be careful try and remember your way uh round as well like which way you’ve come from

but what we’re looking for are sultry cores so once I find the room with them in I’ll show you what they look like okay so here’s one right here this is a that’s a circling core so we press e to pick that up now you want to explore this whole thing really because you’ll find all different ones which are why you want to make sure you’re nicely geared up so that you can explore the whole thing

you know without dying but you’ll find like several certain cores in each one so that’s why we’re going to do this so  there we go this skeleton right here does have a bow so you want to be careful about that the ranged attack there but by the time you run away a little bit and hide and they get to shoot you you should be okay if you’ve got some good uh weapons like we’ve got here okay so there are more skeletons in here

you see there’s a chest in here but there’s also some certainly cause by looks or at least one maybe um so we’re going to just keep fighting these skeletons until they’re all gone so there we go we’ve got another couple of certain calls in here now you’re gonna need 10 curtain calls in total which oh there we go we got a ruby from there as well uh so to get 10 that’ll often mean you’ll have to explore at least two of these little uh sort of burial chamber things

i have not found more than five in one and so to have the ten it’s five for the smelter it’s five for the charcoal kiln is gonna be you know what you’re gonna need um so we’re gonna keep heading through here see how many we get uh before we head off okay so that time that’s what we found just the three certain cores there um i have actually already explored that one before and took one  out of it so we would have got four from that

as i say i’ve never found more than five you do sometimes find a room in those dungeons though that will have like three or four certain cores all in the same room which is quite nice but that’s what you’re going to need in order to make up the kiln and the smelter so once you have your pickaxe you can do some mining you will find tin like this tin is always found

near the water so any oceans or rivers that run through the black forest can be a place to look for the tin deposit then you simply have your pickaxe wielded and left click to harvest it and there you see we got 14 or from that one tin deposit so that’s what tim looks like be sure to go around and get a good amount of tin and then we’ll also have a look at what copper looks like here is a copper deposit they’re these big rocks with these sort of veins going around them and as you look at it it does say copper deposit on it

so again you just need to be stood on that and left-click now these are not necessarily going to be near the water although they could be you’ll just find them uh throughout the black uh forest biome so as we mine away at these there we go that all uh got destroyed there we didn’t actually get any copper at that time so it is a chance that you’ll get it but it’s not guaranteed and you’re going to need to do a lot of this now as you can see this is going to take a long time which is why you do want to consider taking a workbench with you because you can make a chest to store the extra things in and also repair your pickaxe because as you can see our pickaxe is already starting to lose a bit of durability and we haven’t even got any copper yet

okay so that time we got some we got a couple there copper oil right there um you can see our weight as well is already at 243 and i do have a lot of excess items on me but that’s kind of the nature when you’re exploring the dungeons and stuff as well uh so you know you’re going to need to consider setting up that sort of workstation around here to do some mining however as this is just the tutorial i just wanted to get a bit of that stuff to show you what the different oils look like and what i’m going to do now is head back to our base and show you once you’ve got yours how you can use them to progress through to working with metal

So once you’ve got your circling cores what you can do is go into the hammer and right click and you’ll see here to make a charcoal kiln that’s why you need the five certain cores for that one the 20 stone and to be near a workbench as for the smelter that is also the 20 stone and the five certainly cause that’s why we need 10 in total because you are going to need both of these things now obviously i’ve already made them but i’m just informing you guys that’s how you make them and then we’re going to go and do some mining as you guys saw how to mine those ores that we’ve got here so we’ve got here a bit of copper and a bit of tin

now to get started what you’re gonna need to do is put some wood here into the charcoal kiln so you can just hold down either and put in a load of wood and you want to put in quite a lot you’re going to need a lot of coal that you get out of this thing right so that’s ho w you get that going now once you’ve got the coal what you’re going to do is and i think we have some just in here waiting for us so there’s some coal and we’ve got the oars you can go ahead and on one side of this you’ll put in the coal so there we go we’ve got some coal there and on the other side you’ll put in the oars we’ll come on to that but you see here look we’ve got some charcoal kiln

uh sorry some coal has come out of the charcoal kiln it just sort of falls out the front like this which is awesome let me just pick it up we run over to the smelter and we add it very nice then around the other side here you can add the items we’re adding all our copper and tin oil in there right now and we’re going to wait for that to smell now once again oh there we go good timing that comes out the front so there we go we’ve just picked up a copper right there and obviously i’ve done this a bit before so in here i’ve got some copper i’ve got some tin and you’ll see that i also have some bronze okay so once you get the your first bit of copper

all hold on we’re actually encumbered here a second let’s uh get rid of some of that heavy stuff on us uh still going to be a bit too much we’ll give it some bronze yeah so once you’ve got your first bits of copper and tin and stuff you’ll be able to make up the forge so for the forge again you’re gonna use the hammer here and there is the forge you can see it’s gonna require six copper in order to do that um but once you’ve made up the forge

you can then use it in the same way you’ll use a workbench you walk up close to it press e it will need to be under cover and stuff just like the workbench and you’ll have different recipes now you won’t have all of these recipes what you’ll have is a bit of bronze to start off with but once you make the bronze you’ll unlock some more recipes and then you’ll get some other stuff unlocked like for example the cultivator once you’ve got some cool wood that recipe becomes available and you can make all different things there that are obviously improvements on your current tools and armors and all of that good stuff so that is basically how you do it guys that’s how you go and get the ore in the first place

how you smelt the ore up and then once it’s melted how you actually use it so if you found today’s episode useful or you enjoy valheim please do consider liking and subscribing for more valham tutorials and let’s plays but for now guys i just want to

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