How to find Ashlands in Valheim: Valheim Tips 2021

With nine assorted biomes for players to explore in Valheim, it can be a little difficult for new players to find the Ashlands biome. Each world in Valheim follows the method of procedural generation, allowing every map to be exemplified with the state of the biome.


Since the Ashlands biome is not entirely developed yet, the developers have ensured that this biome spawns in the southern-most point of every map. This makes it easier for players to find this mysterious biome in Valheim. The Ashlands biome is a wasteland covered in ash. Additionally, the entire surrounding has a very fire-and-smoke feel.

Fortunately for players, given that this biome is not entirely developed yet, it does not feature any bosses or high-level hostile creatures. The only creatures available for players to fight in the Ashlands are Surtlings.

On top of that, Ashlands is the only biome in Valheim where players can find the coveted Glowing Metal to harvest Flametal ore from it.

However, this resource currently has no usage in the game. And considering that the developers are focused on finishing the Mistlands biome before the Ashlands biome, it seems certain that it will be a while before players start using Flametal in Valheim.

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Tricks to Finding the Ashlands biome in Valheim

The proven method for finding the Ashlands biome in Valheim is to simply travel to the southern-most point of any procedurally generated map in the game. However, the Ashlands biome hasn’t turned into an absolute attraction for players as the region is long from being fully developed.

The only reason that players might visit this biome in Valheim is either for exploration purposes or for the sake of hunting Surtlings for Surtling core resources.

The 2021 Roadmap for Valheim shows that the developers are planning to introduce the final version of the Mistlands biome before they get started with the Ashlands biome.

The nine biomes present in Valheim that are expected to be fully developed before the game’s official release are:

  1. The Swamp biome
  2. The Plains biome
  3. The Ocean biome
  4. The Mountain biome
  5. The Black Forest biome
  6. The Deep North biome
  7. The Meadows biome
  8. The Mistlands biome
  9. The Ashlands biome

Considering that the developers have planned a total of nine biomes for Valheim and the rate at which players have been receiving updates and patches, it seems like the Ashlands biome might be available sooner than expected.