What is Among Us: Know Everything About It

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What is Among Us?: Among Us is the most popular mobile game played in the world. It was first popular in the USA with rank 1 but right now it’s popular worldwide. Among Us has two versions first is a mobile version which can be played on mobile and if you want to play on pc you can download an emulator like BlueStack and if you want to play on the PC version then you need to buy it from the steam store. you can buy pc version from the given link.

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What is Among Us: Know Everything About It

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What is Among Us: Know Everything About It

What is Among US

Among Us is a space & Astronomer based task completion and betrayal concept game which is developed and published by Innersloth.

What is the Game Concept of Among Us

Among Us is the most popular in the world but it is a pain for the new players who don’t know about the concept of Among Us gameplay. Its concept is very simple. So let’s understand the concept of Among Us.

In this game, 4 to 10 players can be part of the crew and they need to complete their task. But there is a twist of an imposter.

How Many Imposters in a Crew?

A crew may contain 1 to 3 imposter it totally depends upon you how many imposters do you want in your crew if you you are head of the crew. If you are joining another game server or crew member you can select that which team would you like to join, one imposter, two imposters, or three imposters.

What Does Imposter Do?

Imposters’ main task to kill their own teammates to win the game without being disclosed their secret. Only imposters have the power to kill team members. The role of the imposter is really very cool feature in Among US.

What is the Responsibility of Teammates: Among US

In-game you will get various types of tasks like repairing electronics products, cleaning something, etc.

What is Voting Feature in Among US?

When an imposter kills any team member the teammates call a meeting and they vote for the suspect one. In this voting, imposters vote against common team members and also try to get elected the person who is not imposter to eject from a spaceship. If you are not an imposter then you need to vote only for the suspect member who may be an imposter.

How to chat in Among Us?

You can use discord for voice chat but it’s not recommended because it will decrease the interest in the game. Suppose you are playing in a team and all the players are on chat and they disclose that they are not imposter then voting will be done against the imposter and you will win the game but it will decrease the twist of the game.

How to win Among Us ?:

Among us is really a secret game and nobody can know that who is an imposter so the process to win for normal teammates is to identify the imposter and eject them out of the ship to win and if you are an imposter then you need to kill all the crewmates to win the game.

Why is Among Us So Popular?

Among Us is a very simple and secret-based game where every teammate needs to eliminate Imposter and Imposter Eliminates the crew members without knowing each other and this concept makes the game most popular in the world.


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