Mavi new team, Jonathan on scout, Soul leaked, Neyoo angry, Mortal, 8bit Goldy: All News

Aviral Mishra


In this article, we will cover all the news so that you can find out what happened in esports yesterday, so let’s start.

Mavi new team, Jonathan on scout, Soul leaked, Neyoo angry, Mortal, 8bit Goldy: All News

1. Our first news is coming from Pubg Mobile Pmpl Arabia, the official announcement of Pmpl Arabia has been done, the team GXR Celtz is going to play their line which you can see below. This tournament is going to run from May 18 to June 6, the tournament is going to be worth 1 lakh 50 thousand dollars.

Players of TEam GXR Celtz: Owais, MaxKash, RoXx, Mj, Ultron. 

2. Our next update is coming from Ketan (k18), who is Ali, his team’s player, he asked him why you are not doing the blog, he said that he is doing a regular vlog for 45 days, so he breaks for 2-3 days. Lita and have now come back from them.

3. Our third update is coming from 8bitThug. They have uploaded a video on their YouTube channel and they said that if all their s8ul members are merged then there are 50 million-plus subscribers, so now they aim to have 60 million subscribers this year. By the end of the year, s8ul has been consistently engaging with content creators, with 8bitThug stating that content creators earn more than competitive players, so now all of S8ul’s peers will pay more attention to content creators.

4. Our 4th news is coming from Scout, since the team is on team m8vi break, they are playing with different teams like Team RiP, playing regular schemes with Team MyM.

5. Our next news is coming from Jonathan, so when he was streaming live, everyone was spamming the Mustang car, then he reacted and told that his coach did not have much income by streaming on the loco. Earnings can be up to a minimum of 50 thousand.

6. Our next update is coming from TSMNeyoo, so recently, during a match, they were told about a case of fists, then they were getting a lot of hate from Nepal, then they did that thing, actually, you know PMO1 Nepal A team of DRS had won after that ney0o got a comment that there was no reason for the Indians, then he shared it on the story and said that if the Indian teams had been there, the result would have been different. Recently there was a fist violation, so he started getting hated again and he was very angry about this. And ek and news is coming from ney0o, then he has completed youtube subscribers, so congratulations to him.

7. Our next news has been from OR Esports, so 2 of their very best players have leveled out, so they were very emotional and they uploaded one last video a while back.

8.The next news is coming from Mortal He told that his mother and brother had c0rona for 2 weeks, he was very depressed and taking care of them, so now he told that both of them have recovered.

9. Our next news is coming from Shreeman Legend He told that he is going to open another channel on YouTube, he will just put highlights on it.

10. When our next news was coming from Mavi, they had a long journey, and in it, Basically, Mavi was asked to open a new team and a brand new organization, then they reacted that it is not easy at all and they Told that he is earning very well right now, so he does not want to lose it.

9. When our next news was coming from 8bit Goldy, he said that Soul New Line-up announcement come on 18 may.

12. Coming from our next news by Dynamo,that he again gave double digit clue for Pubg Mobile India.

13. If our next news and most important news is coming as Pubg Mobile India, then its pre-registration will start from May 18.


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