3 Best VPN for Pubg Mobile

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Best VPN for Pubg Mobile: VPN is a very popular way to access the website and servers which is not available in your country or region. VPN securely connects you with your requested region and you can access all the websites and servers using VPN. VPN is also used for security purposes which hides your real Ip address. So, Pubg Mobile is blocked in India but it is still being played using VPN service.

As we know that PUBG Mobile was removed from the play store and Apple store in September and later its server access blocked for Indian users. In this situation, people started to search for tricks to play Pubg mobile after server shutdown and no doubt VPN is the best way to play Pubg mobile in India. In this article, we will recommend the best VPN to play Pubg mobile with smoother ping latency.

You need to know about VPN before using it. Suppose you use VPN from India and connecting with a USA location then your internet speed will be decreased although you are using an India location you will get perfect speed. So, you always need to select the India location for better latency while playing Pubg Mobile.

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Best VPN for Pubg Mobile

There is a lot of VPNs available for Android but all are not working as required for the Best PUBG MOBILE gameplay. According to My experience, I tried many VPN but I am only satisfied With 1 or 2 which are listed below.

1. Express VPN

As I told you that I have used many VPN but only some VPN worked perfectly and Express VPN is at the top of the list. Express VPN is a paid VPN which provide the best speed and the good thing is it has 2 location available from India 1st one is Mumbai where you can play Pubg mobile between ping of 20 to 100 and another one in Chennai where south India people can use Chennai server location to play Pubg mobile on best latencies. You can download it from my other posts.

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2. Tap Booster

Tap Booster is a VPN app published by tap tap. Tap booster is available for free to use but you need to log in with Google or Facebook and this VPN will help you to play Pubg mobile on lower ping

3. Touch VPN

Touch VPN is a paid VPN service app but it also helps to play Pubg mobile on low pings I played Pubg Mobile between 60 to 144 ping using this VPN.

So these are the best VPN tested by me and you can download them by visiting the below link

Best VPN For Pubg Mobile Download Link

I hope that this article is helpful for you and the above-suggested VPN solved your Pubg Mobile Ping issue. If your problem is solved then Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and Subscribe To Our YouTube Channel for getting useful information.


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