Battlegrounds Mobile India: IOS Availability Expected Dated



So a great success for BGMI and its player, Just after release game has been popular and available in more than 100 lakh android devices. The popular battle royal title, PUBG Mobile, is finally back as Battlegrounds Mobile India. The Game launched under Krafton Inc. which have all the game rights and only available in India.

The game just after releasing got a great response and also gamers are happy to see their own game. Android users were over the moon as the game was available for download from the Google Play Store.

Gamers with iOS interfaces suffered as the developers did not roll out Battlegrounds Mobile India for the Apple App Store. However, Krafton has assured that the popular BR title will be available for download soon for these users.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: iOS users can get game within a day or two

Gamers with an iOS interface have been growing impatient with Krafton’s delay in rolling out Battlegrounds Mobile India in the App Store. Android users have been getting the advantage ever since the developers announced the title on May 6th.

Famous PUBG Mobile influencer and gaming streamer Sagar “Maxtern” Thakur recently engaged in an exclusive interview. Often, these influencers get hold of inside information about the game, and he was asked about the probable release date of Battlegrounds Mobile India for the iOS interface.

Maxtern admitted that since the game has already been officially released for Android users, the developers won’t delay it anymore and will soon roll out Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS users.

He did not explicitly reveal the release date but took an educated guess and speculated that it could be released on July 8th or 9th.

The developers rolled out the pre-registration drive exclusively for Android users. They then announced that pre-registration would fetch exclusive in-game rewards that can be claimed once the game is released.

Krafton has not released any pre-registration drives for iOS users, and they revealed that the game would be directly available from the App Store.

Android users also got entry to the Early Access version of the game. However, there hasn’t been any speculation or rumor regarding the same for iOS gamers. It is improbable that the developers will be rolling out a beta version for them.

Battlegrounds Mobile India was officially released on July 2nd for Androids. Following the release of the game, social media was filled with banter targeted towards iOS users.

According to Maxtern, the game will come out in a day or two for the iOS interface. iOS gamers hope that Krafton will release some exclusive rewards for them to make up for the delay and the unavailability of the pre-registration phase.


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