What is Dimension of Tennis Court: Everything About Tennis Q&A



Tennis is a popular game and game played at state country and International level. So we will cover a lot of questions in this article which answers you to understand all the things about Tennis. So let’s start with the first question

What is dimension of tennis court

What is the tennis court dimensions?

tennis court dimensions are a standard size and all the courts in the world have almost the same size but there is a difference between single match and double match court sizes. If you ask how long is tennis court then its length is 78 feet or 23.77 meters for all single and double matches but the width is different. If you ask for the dimension of tennis court size for single matches then the answer is 78 feet into 27 feet and the size for a double tennis court is 78 feet into 36 feet.

length of tennis court: 78 Feet (23.7 in meter)

Tennis court Width for Single: 27 Feet (8.23 in meter)

Tennis Court Width For Double:  36 Feet (10.97 in meter)

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