How to Lose Weight Fast : Tips

Govind Tiwari

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Do you know why do you have fat? Are You Searching for tips to lose weight and fat fast then you are reading correct article “How to Lose Weight Fast“. Okay Lets start why do you have weight? In a human body, Weight includes everything organs, water, fat, bones, muscles, etc. But notable things in your body which can not be removed from your total weight are bones and organs. So the things which causing increased body weight is fat, muscle and water.

So, If you want to lose your weight fast than you should consider to remove either fat, muscle or water. So lets start to understand why do you have increased weight or fat?

How to Lose Weight Fast

Why Do You Have Weight or Fat?

A simple story telling you to understand how your body handle the weight. Suppose you have a bag and you are inserting 10 coins and pulling out only 3 coins everyday then your bag will soon be full and after some time it will make tension on bags outside.

So, same thing applied on body weight management system, if you are consuming 1000 kcal and your body utilize only 300 kcal due to low or non physical activity or any reason then your body will save 700 kcal as a fat and body management system performs this process repeatedly. That’s why you get increased body fat and people say that their weight increased.

But a good thing of our body is fat can be consumed when do not eat food and our body needs calories on that time body automatically start getting calories from stored fat and this science help to remove fat and lose your weight fast and easily.

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How to Lose Weight Fast : Tips

Guys when we search for weight lose we get lot of articles and lot of articles tells lot of tips to lose weight but we are just telling you simple things to follow for weight or fat lose. Before going ahead we need to understand how much energy you are consuming and how much your body utilizing daily. So first you need to know energy expenditure of your body but this is really tough for anyone unprofessional person. So you need to follow KETO Diet okay lets know what is KITO DIET

What is KITO DIET?

Kito diet is a diet which contains protein and fat but if someone facing digestion or constipation then recommended to take very low amount of 40g carbohydrates.

  • So the first tips for weight lose is a managed die.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise?

Kito diet may reduce fat without exercise but exercise is a good thing to keep body fit and fine.


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