How to make Mob Farm in Minecraft Tutorial to make Mob Farm In Minecraft (Bedrock edition, Java edition, Playstation edition, Pocket edition ).

Hello and welcome back to our new Minecraft Trips and Tricks. So Guys today I will show you how to make Mob farm in Minecraft so let’s get start it. INGREDIENTS 600+=Any Solid 4=Dispensers 2=Water filled Bucket and 2=Empty Bucket 9=Hoppers 9=Campfires 2=Chest 1=Slab and 1=Lilypad 2=Redstone Comparator 17=Redstone Repeaters So Lets Craft It NOTE:…

how to get diamonds in minecraft

How and Where to Get Diamonds in Minecraft easily

Hello, Minecraft players Diamond is the most precious and useful resource in Minecraft Game. Everyone who plays Minecraft wants to get diamonds. Diamond is also a rare resource so getting it sometimes harder. Diamond is used to creating high tech tools, armor, etc. So in this guide thread, you will know every easiest way to…

How to find an End City in Minecraft

How to find an End City in Minecraft

Minecraft’s End City is the rarest structure that spawns on the outskirts of The End and in this Guide You are going to completely know the tricks to Get End City. Players will need to travel from island to island using blocks and Ender Pearls to find these cities. If the player is lucky, there…

How to get the Dragon Egg in Minecraft

How to Get the Dragon Egg in Minecraft: Tips 2021

The Dragon Egg is one of the rarest blocks in all of Minecraft because it can only be acquired from killing the Ender Dragon. It is also one of the rare blocks that players cannot spawn in from the Minecraft Creative mode menu. Luckily, if the player manages to slay the Ender Dragon, there are…

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