What to Do in Minecraft after the End: Tips 2021

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What to do after the end in Minecraft? is a question after completion of the game. Minecraft players will feel lost when it comes to what to do once they’ve completed the game.

There is much to do in Minecraft once they have ‘finished’ the game and entered the stages of late-game productivity. Although the world may seem fruitless once the dragon has been defeated, players shouldn’t feel like they have to start again. With Minecraft being one of the top sandbox games globally, there is a plethora of activities players can partake in regardless of how long they’ve been in the world.

What to do after the end in Minecraft? What Minecraft players can do once they’ve defeated the Dragon

The given five activities players can engage in when they’ve completed Minecraft and killed the Ender Dragon.

#5 Make a guardian farm

Guardian farms, made from ocean monuments, are challenging to make but can be amazing forms of XP grinders and mob drop farms.

Players trying to build with or amass large quantities of prismarine would benefit from this task. It takes a lot of time, quite a few deaths, and a whole lot of patience, but players up for the challenge will see the benefits of making these farms and reap the rewards.

#4 Max out armor, weapons, and tools

If the player hasn’t already done this, it’s a great, time-consuming task. Maxing out armor, weapons, and tools can be incredibly difficult, as it takes many levels and netherite.

Netherite God Armor

Players could even go to the fullest extent to get a thoroughly enchanted netherite hoe and try to use it in its entirety. There’s so much to do in this category, and it’s something that players can do alongside another project.

#3 Make progress on the base

Players who focused more on making their way to the End may not have finished their base or created a nice farming system. Efficiency is key in late-game Minecraft, so players dedicated to their world should take this step and make their area the most decked out base they can muster.

Having all of the different types of farms in addition to a well-lit area can really help players become undefeatable in their Minecraft worlds.

#2 Defeat the Wither

Defeating the Wither is something players can repeatedly do as long as they have all of the skills they require.

Wither skulls are quite rare, and players will need to face off against many of these mobs to get the number they want. They may not initially see the reason behind defeating the Wither, but this boss drops Nether Stars, an item vital in making beacons, giving off many different effects.

Some players with large bases even put enough beacons around to give the player speed regardless of where they are in their base.

#1 Get an Elytra

Elytra’s are the main end-game item that players search for in Minecraft.

Players looking for elytra’s will need to venture out into the outer end islands and search for end cities and end ships to get these wings.

Elytra’s are the pinnacle of travel in Minecraft, so there’s a definite reason for getting these. This can also be part of a player’s attempt at maxing out armor, tools, and weapons.


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