How to Prepare for The End in Minecraft: Best Tips & Tricks 2021

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The End is one of the most daunting challenges a player can experience in Minecraft. The End is a different dimension, much like the Nether or the Overworld. It consists of one main “island,” where the Ender Dragon is fought, and infinitely generated secondary islands. Players have a chance at finding an End City on one of these secondary islands, where they may find the coveted Elytra.

How to Prepare the end in minecraft

Players must be extremely careful in The End because if they fall off one of the islands, they will drop into the void and lose all of their items!

How to prepare for The End in Minecraft

Before players make their long journey to The End, they must be seriously prepared.

The End in Minecraft is no joke. The combination of hundreds of Endermen, mixed with a giant Ender Dragon, will leave even the most battle-hardened crafters struggling to stay alive.

Players will need to bring a variation of weapons, tools, and blocks to make sure they are sufficiently prepared. Here is a list of items recommended to bring to The End:

Iron or Diamond armor with Protection enchant Ladders to climb Obsidian Pillars Bow with Infinite enchant or two stacks of Arrows Diamond sword with Sharpness Enchant Atleast Iron pickaxe options of Healing Three stacks of Cobblestone for protection
A carved pumpkin is an optional way to make sure the Enderman hoard doesn’t attack the player by wearing it on their head.

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How to get to The End in Minecraft

Here is an article explaining the resources needed to find the Stronghold, which is where the End Portal is located.

Once the Stronghold is found using Eyes of Ender, the player will have to complete the End Portal by filling in the missing blocks. The number of Eyes of Ender needed varies per Portal, so it is recommended that the player bring at least ten spares, just to be safe.

Once completed, a blueish 3×3 portal will appear. The End has just begun. Players must make sure they are completely prepared before they jump into Minecraft’s The End.

Techniques to End in Minecraft

Here is a list of techniques that will make The End in Minecraft easier to conquer for the players

Build an overhang on an Obsidian Pillar that is tall enough for the player to fit in, but not for the Endermen. Hit an Enderman and run under the overhang, and the Endermen will follow and easily be able to be killed since they can’t attack the player. Shoot the End Crystal on the top of the pillars with a bow. This is a better technique than ladders as the Crystal explodes upon being destroyed. Some towers have cages surrounding the Crystal. In this instance, the player will need to scale the pillar with ladders or blocks. Bring a friend! Multiple people will make the Ender Dragon have a harder time targetting the player.
Good luck!

FAQ: The Ender Minecraft

How do You Prepare to Fight Ender Dragon?

Before kicking off the boss fight, bring a Bow with the greatest Power enchantment you can find; have lots of Arrows on hand as well. On top of that, you need a sword with a Fire Aspect or high damage. The reason being, you’ll need it to slay the Endermen lurking about; the sword is useless against The Ender Dragon.

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