How to make Nether Wart Farm In Minecraft.

Omkar Sutar

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hi guys Today I will show how to make Nether wart farm in Minecraft.

What is use of Nether wart

Nether wart is used to make potions base Without it you cannot make any potions.

How and Where you find Nether Wart

You can find by name Nether Wart are only find Nether. How will you go to Nether. By making a Nether Portal and now you will ask me how to make Nether portal By placing obsidian in only 3X4 placing them and ignite with Flint and steel. Now you guys will ask me how to mine obsidian obsidian can only mine by Diamond pickaxe.


How will you find diamonds :- Click Here

If you Are lazy like me to mine thundered’s of blocks to find Diamonds just do what is in this video first craft 1-2 buckets now find a lava lake like this and now do what i do link of video :- Click here

When you go to Nether Or before it make a gold item like gold boots or piglins will kill you. Congratulations  Now you r in Nether be careful if you will find anything like an white octopus like thing she is ghast  run away or she will throw fire now come to topic find a structure like this this is Nether fortress go in the fortress and you will get them side of stairs of fortress now harvest them and soul sand you want 39 now save the cordnites you want to come here another time to collect blaze rods for its safety i will tell you guys in next minecraft post so now go to overworld.

Now place 8X8 blocks after that fill the remaning with soul sand and place Nether Wart now place glass how to make glass click here. After that place 8 dispensers with water buckets and connect them with redstone, button and redstone repeater and place a dispenser and fill with water bucket on last block like this and connect that also with redstone repeater.

now go to last block and make 3X3 room for collecting system place hopper and chest like this.

this is the result!!!

Thanks For reading

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