How to Make a Blue Ice Highway: Minecraft Tips & Tricks

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How to Make a Blue Ice Highway: Minecraft is like an ocean where a lot of things available to do and Blue Ice Highway is also the thing many Minecraft players don’t know that they can use ice blocks to make an insanely fast speedway, providing the most efficient form of travel.

How to Make a Blue Ice Highway

If players drive boats on packed ice, they will suddenly find themselves launching at speeds that they didn’t think were possible. This is a great way to travel from one area to another extremely fast.

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How to Make a Blue Ice highway in Minecraft

Blue Ice Highway

While all types of ice will provide this effect when combined with boats, Blue Ice will provide the fastest travel.

Blue Ice, unfortunately, takes nine Packed ice blocks to craft. However, if the player has a Silk Touch pickaxe with Efficiency, they can quickly acquire a large quantity of ice from icebergs.

In the above video, the player has a solid line of Blue Ice blocks for their highway. Fortunately, Minecraft players will only need to place a Blue Ice block every other block, much like the picture shown above. This will allow players to save some time and sanity when collecting all of that ice.

Shown below is a video easily explaining how to craft one of these extremely useful highways in Minecraft. If the player has multiple areas or structures that are separated by long distances, it is highly recommended to build one of these. This will save tons of time and headaches traveling between builds.

If players want to create a highway that is wider than one block, they must use a checkerboard pattern, which will prevent them from falling off the blocks.

Watch the Video to Get More Visual Information to Create Blue Ice Highway

Blue Ice: Frequently Asked Questions

Is blue ice faster than packed ice?

Yes, Mobs and players slide across the surface of blue ice faster than packed ice, they also slide further. Items within a stream of water travel quicker across the surface of this ice as well. Blue ice is otherwise functionally identical to packed ice.

Can you turn blue ice into packed ice?

Blue ice is not a storage block so it cannot be turned back into packed ice.

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