How to Install Resource Pack in Minecraft

Govind Tiwari


How to Install Resource Pack in Minecraft: Resource packs can completely change the game experience for long-time Minecraft players. Resource packs change how each block, item, and entity looks, adding some much-needed variety to the game. This is great news for those players who are bored of the same old Minecraft textures and want to see new ones.

How to Install Resource Pack in Minecraft

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Steps to Install Resource Pack in Minecraft

Before Installation of resource pack in Minecraft you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft 1.16.5 to initiate that version on the computer. Players can close the game after this.
  2. Download the resource pack of their choice.

If you don’t know where to get resource pack then, here is a list of a few good ones along with their download links:

Try Below Resouce Packs.

  1. PureBDcraft
  2. Dokucraft
  3. F8thful

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Installation after Resouce Pack Download

After the packs have been downloaded, it is now time to bring them into Minecraft. Resource packs can be added to Minecraft by following the steps given below:

  1. Run Minecraft 1.16.4.
  2. Hit Options.
  3. Hit Resource Packs.
  4. Hit Open Pack Folder.
  5. Players will need to drag the downloaded folder into the Pack folder.
  6. If the packs are not showing up, the player may need to right-click the pack folder (inside the main folder) and hit extract.
  7. Hover over the new pack and click the arrow before pressing ‘Done.’
  8. If these steps were followed correctly, the resource pack should now be activated.

To check if the pack is working correctly, players will need to load into a Minecraft world and have a look around. If the blocks and items look completely different, it means that they have correctly installed the resource pack.

These are all the steps to place the resouce pack in Minecraft to change texture. We hope this article helped you to do the things easily. for any recommendation or suggestion feel free to contact.

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