How to Get the Dragon Egg in Minecraft: Tips 2021

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The Dragon Egg is one of the rarest blocks in all of Minecraft because it can only be acquired from killing the Ender Dragon. It is also one of the rare blocks that players cannot spawn in from the Minecraft Creative mode menu.

Luckily, if the player manages to slay the Ender Dragon, there are a few ways that they can obtain the egg. Since it is unbreakable with any tool, players will have to jump through a few hoops to acquire it, but it is not too difficult.

How to Get the Dragon Egg in Minecraft

Follow the Steps to obtain Dragon Eggs.

1. Slay Dragon

The Dragon Egg is dropped from the Ender Dragon upon death.

Ender Dragon

If players manage to kill the Ender Dragon, it will spawn on top of the Bedrock portal. It can’t be broken, but if players attack the egg it will teleport to a nearby air block, then fall to the ground.

2 Piston Technique

After making the Egg teleport, players can then place a piston and lever (or any activator) next to the egg. Once activated, the piston will break the egg and it will drop to the floor. The egg can then be picked up by the player.

Piston Technique

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3. TorchShown

If the players did not bring a Piston and Lever to the End, hopefully, they brought a torch.

Minecraft players who have mined gravel or sand with a torch know how this technique works. Basically, if a torch is placed under a falling block, when the block falls onto the torch it will immediately break the block.

This also works for the Dragon Egg. Players need to simply place a torch under the block that the egg is sitting on, then break the block.

These two techniques are the most efficient ways to obtain the Dragon Egg. If the player does not have at least a torch, maybe they shouldn’t be in The End.

Video Tutorial to Find Dragon Egg

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