How to Find the Totems of Undying in Minecraft: Tips & Tricks 2021

How to Find the Totem of Undying in Minecraft: If you are playing Minecraft and mining then you obviously feel afraid of dying in lava or falling from a height and losing all of the collected items. This is the situation where the totem of undying will come in handy for Minecraft players who have experienced that.

How to Find the Totems of Undying in Minecraft

The totem of undying helps players and gives one health point, fire resistance for 40 seconds, regeneration for 40 seconds, and Absorption for 5 seconds. For the players who like to go off and mine a lot or enjoy exploring caves and ravines, the totem of undying would be a handy tool to take when mining.

If they play calmly, then creatures would not be a problem, but players who like to play for XP, and keep the game mode on easy-hard, may always have that fear of dying and losing loot.

Advantages of the totem of undying in Minecraft

How does the totem of undying work?

Note: Every totem of undying may only be used once

Minecraft players who carry the totem of undying while mining will be protected from fall damage, creatures, and any other fatal damage. The item will, in a way, give them one free life, so players will not lose their items if they die! For the totem to work, gamers must be holding it. They can place it in their main hand and switch on and off to it, or in the off-hand, and will be able to mine and fight with the totem in the other hand.

Every totem of undying may only be used once. Luckily it also protects players from the end, so those fighting the Ender Dragon, in the end, need not worry, though they must remain cautious. The totem can protect players from parts of the void, but not all.

For example, if players happen to fall in the void, the totem will protect them and teleport them to the top of a nearby end island. Unfortunately, if players get hit off the end platform, or the elytra suddenly runs out while flying in the end, the totem will not protect them, so they must be careful while in the end.

The totem can also protect players from lava, but once it breaks, and if players are still inside the lava after the fire resistance wears off, they can still die in the lava. So gamers must ensure to get out quickly before the fire resistance wears off.

Now, the main question is, how do players get the totem of undying in Minecraft? Totems are items that they cannot craft on a crafting table and must be earned in-game.

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How to Obtain Minecraft Totem of Undying?

Minecraft Totem of Undying can be obtained in two ways.

1. Woodland Mansions

Woodland Mansions in Minecraft are usually located in a roofed forest biome which can be pretty hard to find. The best way to find one is to get a woodland exploration map from a cartographer villager by trading.

Once players get the map, it will then show the location of a Woodland Mansion. For players to acquire totems, they must kill the Evokers that spawned inside the mansion. Evokers will drop at least one totem at death.

Most of the time, players will usually get around four totems in a Woodland Mansion, but they may get more if lucky. To get the totems in Minecraft, players must place the game mode on hard. Although the Evokers will spawn in an easy mode, they will not drop the totems unless the game mode is on hand.

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2. Pillager Outposts

The second way Minecraft players can get the totem of undying is by finding a pillager outpost and killing the raid captain or patrol leader. The former is pretty easy to spot because he has a massive banner on his head.

When the Minecraft raid captain is killed, players will then be affected by a bad omen, triggering a raid whenever they enter a village. The tricky part is that the village must have villagers for the raid to get triggered.

Once the player enters a village full of villagers, a raid will start due to the bad omen. To get the totems of undying, players must complete the waves of the raid. Evokers in Minecraft usually spawn on wave five and sometimes on wave seven, riding a ravager. When they are killed, they will each drop one totem of undying.

The totem of undying is worth all the steps that that gamer must complete to get it. Although players will have to go to different places in Minecraft to get them, they are a very useful item to have.

The totem can protect users from almost everything in the game and allows them to play Minecraft without any anxiety!

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