How to Find Lead in Minecraft Tips & Tricks

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Leads are a semi-rare item in Minecraft, and there are a few ways to achieve them. The lead can be extremely useful for the player in many ways. Usually, players will tame a horse and do not want it to go astray. If the player has the lead, they can tie the horse to the fence with lead, so that it can avoid running away.

How to Find Leads in Minecraft

How to get leads in Minecraft?

There are only a few ways to gain leads in Minecraft. Although this craft is worthy, it can be obtained even more easily by killing the wandering merchant’s lamas. Listed below are all ways to get leads in Minecraft.

1. Wandering Merchant

The most efficient way for wandering traders to get leads early in a playthrough. Wandering merchants rotate on an average every 10 Minecraft days. Over time, this will provide more leads for the player than any other method.

Wandering Traders Minecraft

Once a player encounters a wandering trader, they can kill the trader and it is up to the Lamas to get up to two of their trader’s leads. Lamas will be dropped by Leeds. After a good amount of days have passed, the player must have a good collection of leads.

2. Crafting

Players will need four strings and a slimeball to craft a lead in Minecraft. The crafting recipe can be seen below.

Lead Crafting Recipe

Unfortunately, Slimeballs are not the easiest items to come by, which is why crafting is not as effective as waiting for wandering merchants. However, if the player lives next to a swamp biome or Slum Chunk, they may have easy access to Slimsball. In this scenario, crafting leads would be a more efficient way.

Leads (very few) can usually be found in the Woodland Mansion with a 28.3% probability in the Java version. In the Bedrock Edition, Leads have a chance to be found in the Burial Treasure and Woodland Mansion.

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