How to find an End City in Minecraft

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Minecraft’s End City is the rarest structure that spawns on the outskirts of The End and in this Guide You are going to completely know the tricks to Get End City.

End City Minecraft

Players will need to travel from island to island using blocks and Ender Pearls to find these cities. If the player is lucky, there will be an End Ship located next to the city.

Finding an End City is extremely treacherous, as players will be one block away from falling into the Void and losing all of their items. Players are, therefore, recommended to drop their useful items off in a chest before they begin their search for an End City.

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How can players find an End City in Minecraft?

There are a few techniques to find End Cities in Minecraft. These techniques are listed below:

Find End City Technique

1. Bridge Technique

Bridges are the most common way to travel from island to island in The End. Players can hold the crouch button while building a bridge from the main island to the other. Holding the crouch button will prevent them from falling off the bridge when they are placing the blocks. Players are advised to never let go of the button when on the bridge.

Brdige Technique

2. Ender Pearls

As seen in the image above, the player is attempting to throw an ender pearl at a nearby island, which will teleport him to it if correctly thrown. Players are recommended to combine the bridge technique with the Ender Pearl technique to create a bridge that gets them within throwing distance of the island.

Players need to make sure that they throw the pearl at the top of the island. Otherwise, they will be teleported to the side and fall into the Void.

So, this is the help guide about getting end city in Minecraft. We hope you found this article helpful.

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