Souvik D Biography: Pubg ID, Real Name, KD, Device and Much More

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Souvik D is a YouTuber who upload Gaming Video and entertain their subscribers. Souvik D started his career with Pubg Mobile Gameplay. At the start, he only streams videos on YouTube and his first pubg mobile game play video was streamed on 6 December 2018 and now Souvik D channel has 489k subscribers. Souvik D now does not stream, he changed the content creation method and now he plays Pubg Mobile and records the gameplay and then voice-over on gameplay which is a prevalent method for Gaming Content Creators.

This article contains information about Souvik D Biography, Souvik D Stats, Souvik D Pubg ID, Real Name, KD, Device, Religion, and much more.

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Souvik D Biography: Pubg ID, Real Name, KD, Device, and Much More

Souvik D

Souvik D Biography

Souvik D is the name of the Youtube Channel although his real name is also Souvik. He is a Gamer and Gaming Content Creator who makes content for YouTube.

Souvik D is an Indian Youtuber who gained popularity very early on behalf of his excellent gameplay. Souvik’s solo gameplay really entertains the viewers. Some people also call him Tacaz of India.

Souvik is a Bengali boy and he is from West Bengal, India.

Souvik D Real Name

Souvik D real nam is Souvik Dey

Souvik D Religion

Souvik D is a Bengali Hindu

Souvik D Pubg ID: Global

Souvik D Pubg Id is 5113064479 and his Pubg Name is Noob多LONDA.

Souvik D Devices

Souvik D Play on iPad: Checkout iPad Air 64 GB

Headphone/Earphone: Mi Earphones

Souvik D Season wise KD

Coming Soon…

Souvik D Age

Coming soon…

Souvik D YouTube Channel

Souvik D Youtube Channel Link: Souvik D

Souvik D Instagram Account

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Souvik D: Frequently Asked Question

Souvik D KR ID: Unavailable


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