Skylord’s Free Fire ID, stats, K / D ratio and other information



Skylord is a famous Free Fire Content Creator of India. He is liked by most people. He started the channel on 9th March 2020 but he gained more than 1 million subscribers within 1 Year.


In this article, we are going to reveal Skylord’s Free Fire ID, Name, stats, K/D ratio, and other information.

Skylord Wiki

NameAbhiyuday Mishra
Age21 Year
Free Fire ID (UID) 77985476
ProfessionYoutuber, Gamer

Skylord’s Free Fire ID and stats

Their Free Fire ID is 77985476.

Skylord’s Free Fire Stats

Skylord Free Fire Stats

Career stats

Skylord’s career stats

Skylord has played 1,109 squad matches in Free Fire, with a total of 5,197. Also, he has done 36,130 kills and his K / D ratio is 6.15. He has won 167 in Duo mode playing 688 matches. He has also done 2,101 kills and his K / D ratio is 4.08. Along with this Youtube has won 122 in Solo mode by playing 658 matches. In addition, he has done 2,223 kills and his K / D ratio is 4.22.

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Rank stats

Skylord rank stats

Skylord’s rank stats

Skylord has won 13 out of 44 matches playing in Free Fire rank mode. He has also done 89 kills and his K/D ratio is 2.87. He has also played 1 match in duo mode and has done 1 nail. Skylord has won 3 by playing 14 matches in solo mode. He has also done 48 kills and his K / D ratio is 4.36.

(Note: Skylord’s Free Fire ID and stats in this article are for the present, which may change the future)

Skylord youtube channel

Skylord started his YouTube channel in 2020. His channel has 1.27 million subscribers and has put 111 videos on YouTube. You can check the channel by clicking here.

Their social media accounts
Instagram: Click here.

Twitter: Click here.

Facebook: Click here.

Click here to join Discord.

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FAQ: Skylord

Who is Skylord?

Skylord is a popular Free Fire esports athlete and renowned content creator. He is also a social celebrity and present on Twitter and Facebook. He is 21-year-old and was born in Rewa, Madhya Pradesh, but has lived in Indore, MP, since childhood.

What is the Real Name of Skylord?

Skylord is the YouTube Channel name and Nick Name but his real Name is Abhiyuday Mishra.


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