How to Optimize Your Phone for Gaming

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In the world, 70 percent of people use a basic android mobile phone but they want to enjoy all the features used by mid or high-performance mobile phone users. But due to hardware, software, and bloatware, low budget or mid-range budget mobile phones do not perform well. So in this post, you will know tips to optimize phone for gaming.

Optimize Your Mobile Phone

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In this post, you will know all the problems that occurred in low and mid-range mobile phones and you will also know about how to solve these problems easily. Basically, the problem starts with Blotwares, unused apps, background running apps, processes, and animation speed. So we are going to solve these problems to get the best performance from your low-budget or mid-range budget Mobile Phones.

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How to Optimize Your Mobile Phone for Gaming

So friends let’s follow the steps to know how to optimise phone for gaming and compare the speed and thank us to get your phone to optimized after following this post.

1. Remove Unused Apps

A lot of Mobile Phone user installs so many unused or rarely used apps in their device and these apps consume part of Storage space and sometimes it runs in the background unnecessarily and it also increases usage of RAM and these things slow down the device.

So, 1st you need to uninstall unused or rarely used apps from your Mobile phone and it will simply increase your mobile performance by decreasing ram usage.

2. Remove Bloatware

Bloatware is an app that comes with your phone preinstalled and it could not be uninstalled easily and these apps also run in the background and sometimes it sends usage information of the user to many marketing companies like Facebook.

So if you want to optimize your phone for gaming you need to uninstall these bloatware apps. You can find the video at the end of the post on how to remove bloatware from your Mobile Phones.

3. Decrease Animation Speed

Animation speed is a big factor and it affects the response time of the apps. So if you decrease animation speed you will get your low budget or mid-budget range mobile phones will respond lightning-fast.

How to Decrease Animation Speed in Your Android Mobile Phone

Follow the steps to decrease your animation speed.

  • First, you need to activate the Developer Option by going to your About Phone section and tapping on the build version almost 7 times.
  • After enabling the developer option you need to find developer settings.
  • In the developer setting, you will find 3 options, Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation Scale, Animation Duration Scale.
  • By default, all three options set for value 1, and you need to change it to .5 which is recommended.
  • You can test it at 0 also and now you will get a lightning-fast speed of your mobile device but keep remember animation speed will only open the app fast but its process will be loaded according to hardware performance.

I hope your Phone response time is decreased and you are happy to see this. Now let’s follow the next trick to optimize your mobile phone.

4. Use Limited or No Background Process

When you run apps and press the home button to go back directly, your app does not stop and it uses resource which decreases the performance of your mobile phone.

So to solve this problem you need to use limited or no background Process in your mobile phone.

How to enable limited or No Background Process in Your Android Phone

Follow the steps

  • You need to activate the Developer option: Follow the process above to activate if not activated.
  • Here you will find the Background Process limit
  • You can set it according to you either the No Background process or Limited Background Process.

Note: No background process will close all the apps just by pressing the back button, home button or navigation button.

This is all about How to optimize your Mobile Phone for gaming or any other purpose. We hope this article helped you to solve all your problems. If still any problem you want to get solved follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and comment us your daily problems not get solved by Google or YouTube.

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Frequently Asked Questions

how to optimize my phone for gaming?

There are 5 things to optimize your phone for gaming.

  • Remove Unused Apps
  • Remove Bloatware
  • Decrease Animation Speed
  • Use Limited or No Background Process
  • Keep Your Phone Battery Fully Charged
  • Play at High Performance Mode


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