How to get Beaston pet in Free Fire using Top-Ups

Govind Tiwari

Free Fire

Free Fire is an insanely popular battle royale game in the community right now. This is marked by it’s massive player base all around the world. The game has certain unique elements that make it different from other BR titles. One of these is the introduction of pets. Pets have the ability and are the in-game companion of the player. The latest pet to arrive in the game is Beaston. Earlier he was shown in the OB25 Advance Server but is now live across all the servers. However, the pet is currently only available as a top-up reward. In this article, we take a look at How to get Beaston pet in Free Fire.

What does Beaston Do?

Beaston is the latest addition to the list of pets in Free Fire and its skill is called ‘Helping Hand’. It increases the throwing distance of grenades, gloo walls, flashbangs, and smoke grenades by 10% at the initial level. With the rise in the pet’s level, the skill is first enhanced to 20%. At the highest skill level, the throwing distance is buffed by 30%.

With Beaston, players will be able to make use of throwables more effectively.


How to get Beaston pet in Free Fire

Beaston Pet: Abilities and top-ups

His ability is called Helping Hand. Likewise, it buffs the throwing distance of grenades, Gloo Walls, Flashbangs and Smoke Grenades by 10%. However, at the max level, this buff is increased to 30%.

The top-up event started on January 16th and will end on January 23rd. The top-up and rewards are as following:

Beaston: Top-Up 100 Diamonds

Show Off Action: Top-Up 300 diamonds

Pet Skin: Glacier Beaston: Top-Up 500 diamonds

How to get Beaston pet in Free Fire: Step-by-Step

How to get Beaston pet in Free Fire:

  • Players must first open the Free Fire app and press the Calendar icon on the right.
  • Then navigate to the Events Tab and click on the Beaston Top-up icon.
  • Players can then select which top-up they want to purchase.

players can obtain the Beaston pet as a top-up reward for purchasing 140 diamonds.

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