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Venkata Atchuth, commonly known as Munna Bhai Gaming, is a renowned figure in the Indian Free Fire Community. He is primarily known for his gameplay videos related to the game, along with his energetic commentary in Telugu.

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munna bhai gaming face

Munna Bhai gaming face is as below and if you want to look at his more photos follow his Instagram link given Below.

At the time of writing, Munna Bhai Gaming has around 2.46 million subscribers, and the videos on his channel have accumulated 228.49 million views. The prominent YouTuber also has 244 thousand followers on his Instagram handle.

Munna Bhai Gaming Wikipedia

Real Name Venkata Atchuth
NicknameMunna Bhai, Munna Bhai Gaming
Age25 Years
Free Fire ID (UID) 402752655
Networth $33.5K and $536.2K

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats

Munna Bhai Gaming’s Free Fire ID is 402752655.

Lifetime stats

Munna Bhai Free Stats
Munna Bhai Gaming’s lifetime stats (Image via Free Fire)

Munna Bhai Gaming has taken part in 11678 squad matches and secured wins in 3554 of them, equating to a win percentage of 30.43%. In the process, he has amassed 45382 kills with a K/D ratio of 5.59.

The internet star has stood victorious in 1086 of 4064 solo matches, with a win ratio of 26.72%. He has 18732 kills in this mode for a K/D ratio of 6.29.

Ranked stats

Munna Bhai Free Ranked Stats
Munna Bhai Gaming’s ranked stats (Image via Free Fire)

In the current ranked season, Munna Bhai Gaming has featured in 435 squad matches and has come out on top on 164 occasions, leading to a win rate of 37.70%. With 2460 frags, he has a K/D ratio of 9.08.

Munna Bhai Gaming has played 46 solo games and has 21 Booyahs, translating to a win ratio of 45.65%. He has bagged 364 kills, ensuring a K/D ratio of 14.56.

Munna bhai gaming monthly income

Munna Bhai Freae Earnings
Munna Bhai Gaming’s income (Image via Social Blade)

The estimated monthly earnings of Munna Bhai Gaming lie in the range of $2.8K and $44.7K, as per Social Blade. His estimated yearly income lies between $33.5K and $536.2K.

YouTube channel

Over recent years, Munna Bhai Gaming has witnessed a massive growth in popularity. There are currently 985 videos present on his channel, and the most-watched one is at 4.9 million views.


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