Easy Steps to get KongFu emote and Spinning Bird MP5 in Free Fire


Free Fire

Free Fire bring a new event Treasure event in Free Fire, in this event players get a new and exclusive Spinning Bird MP5 and the reintroduced KongFu emote. This is the part of a collaboration between Free Fire and Street Fighter is in progress. It has brought in various exclusive cosmetics that include the Ryu and Chun-Li Bundles, a gloo wall skin, a Hadouken emote, a backpack, a surfboard, and more.

This even include some free and some paid items. So users must spend diamonds to acquire most of them, including the newest addition, the Spinning Bird MP5.

Obtaining the Spinning Bird MP5 and KongFu emote in Free Fire

The new event started on July 12th and will come to a close on July 18th. In this time frame, users will have to make spins using diamonds to stand a chance at obtaining the prizes at random. Once they receive an item, it will be grayed out and won’t be repeated.

On the other hand, the cost of every subsequent spin will also increase. There are two types of spins: normal spin and super spin.

Spinning Bird MP5The first normal spin is free

For super spins, they will receive items from premium prizes and are also guaranteed to get the exclusive gun skin within three spins. These are priced at 199, 299, 599, so the cost of obtaining all three premium prices will be 1097 diamonds or lesser.

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Free Fire Prize pool

Free Fire MP5 event
The MP5 – Spinning Bird, the KongFu emote and the surfboard are the premium prizes

The event’s prize pool includes:

  • MP5 – Spinning Bird
  • KongFu emote
  • Surfing through the star surfboard
  • Cube fragment
  • Diamond Royale Voucher (Expire by August 31st)
  • Weapon Royale Voucher (Expire by August 31st)
  • Resupply Map card (3 days)
  • Magic Girl M4A1 Gun Box
  • Pet Food

Steps to Access Event

Step 1: They can first click on the events icon and select “Fighter’s Treasure” under the news tab.

Free fire Event
Simply click the go to button

Step 2: Then, gamers must tap the “Go To” button and make the desired number of spins to obtain the items.


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