What is ‘Push To Talk’ in PUBG Mobile and how do you use it in games?

Govind Tiwari


If you play PUBG Mobile and use the voice chat feature of this game, then you may have seen the option of ‘Push to Talk’. Many players will not know why this happens in PUBG mobile and how it is used. Many people know, but they do not use it. In this article, we will understand what the Push To Talk feature is and how to use push to talk pubg mobile.

What does ‘Push To Talk’ mean?

In simple words, ‘Push To Talk’ is a command in the game, through which you can talk with your peers while holding a particular key. Voice chat feature in games like PUBG PC or Fornite PC has three options:

  • Always (Always)
  • 2- Push to Talk (Push to Talk)
  • 3- Mute (Mute)

When you go to the push to top option, So you can talk to your squad or comrades using the special key. In many games this key (Key) is ‘T’. This means that if you want to talk, hold the ‘T’ and can give your message or command to your colleagues.

How do you use Push To Talk in PUBG Mobile?

Now let us see how you can use Push To Talk in the mobile version of this game. In PUBG Mobile you will find this option in the Gaming Zone. If you select push to talk and press and hold the icon, you will see a wave coming from the button. This means that you can talk to your partner and deliver your message. This feature was added so that players can talk to their peers in noise.

Advantages of Push to Talk: Push to Talk has the most advantage in a noisy place, when you do not want to disturb other players. Whenever you want to talk, you can talk by pressing the button. Especially when your partner is in a noisy place and your enemy is close to you and there is a chance that your voice will not reach them, you may even die. In such a situation, push to talk has an advantage.

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