Pubg Mobile: Why bots have mythic outfits in PUBG mobile?



Pubg Mobile is a single virtual mobile game that gives a great reality-based experience. It has a vast feature option where you get amazing outfits, gun skins, vehicle skin, grenade skin, gun skin, room card, etc. These are not only things but we also experience Bots which comes with amazing mythic outfits. Many people have a question that Why do Bots have mythic outfits in Pubg Mobile. Many players are jealous bots coz they don’t have mythic outfits and they get better from bots.

Why do bots have mythic outfits in PUBG mobile?

We see that bots have mythic outfits which is the part of the promotion. Pubg Mobile Advertise through Bots and show mythic outfits before release of Royal Pass Outfits and Premium Crates So that player can buy it.

Pubg Mobile is programmed and developed with huge coded files. Almost everything in Pubg Mobile Runs on an automated system and bots are also part of that system which is coded very efficiently. Pubg Mobile Automated system sends a random number of bots in every match. These bots may appear in any location where the real player’s position.

Not all bots have mythic outfits only 5 to 10 percent of bots have a mythic outfit which is also automated by Pubg Mobile Developers. This is also part of promotion and attraction where players watch the bot’s outfit and get attracted and want to get them.

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