Is Bgmi harmful for kids below 16 years of age?



BGMI previously known as Pubg Mobile Global, got huge popularity in battle royal game. But It also got huge criticism in India and other country due to various reason including kids were getting addicted, many times has been listened that kids were spending a huge amount from their parent cards or bank account in PUBG MOBILE, many times news came that parents tried to stop playing PUBG MOBILE and kids attempted suicide. So we don’t know how much it was true but we will our point of view on the question is bgmi harmful for kids below 16 years.

is bgmi harmful for kids

Although game was banned in many countries including India due to different different reasons. Although it was banned in case of Data and Privacy issues and connection with Chines company tencent which was misusing user data. Game was relaunched after almost 9 month with the different name Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)  and some other modifications also has been done to follow Indian Government Privacy Policy.

Is Bgmi (Battlegrounds Mobile India) harmful for kids below 16 years of age?

Games were used to be source of learning and used to play for fitness and enjoyment previously. But it is the time where game has be modernized and it is converted from physical games to virtual games which is some where good and somewhere bad. As we have seen cricket games available to play in Mobile or laptops football games available to play in mobile which was used to play physically and this virtualization of things affected us.

BGMI is an advanced game where players enjoy everything virtually which is don’t think possible in real life. If the people don’t know how to dance in real life they enjoy dancing in BGMI. The fly in the sky they enjoy parachute jumping, collecting guns, armors, helmet, grenade and other high grade weapons which is impossible to experience in real life. In BGMI players get various category of vehicles which provides amazing experience. The shot enemy and survive for victory which really feels like real world and all these things makes players addicted.

Not only above thing but there is text chat and voice chat options which connects people and their friend circle, it makes the experience more real. It also provides get connected with different peoples while you play game. There is competition, tournaments, and much more to do. So people virtually feel it as a real world and they enjoy the game like they are doing adventure in real life.

Now we reach to the question is BGMI safe for kids or kids under 16? then I would like to say that kids should stay away from this game because I think kids has no control on their emotions and they become involved in this game so deeply. But if your kid is playing under their parents supervision and in controlled manner then it is not harmful. Actually Pubg Mobile or BGMI not only a game but it helps you to learn tricks of survival and situation management. So playing the game is not harmful for your kids if your kids play not more than 2 hours in a day.

Although, BGMI is trying to get set the game like an eSports which may be recognized by government in future. There is also scope of earning if your kids are pro and properly playing game. Many Gamer Kids are earning enough than any other salaried adult person. BGMI (PUBG MOBILE) gave option to 1000 of people to earn their bread and butter and many players are earning millions from gaming content creation.


Any Game or anything is not good or bad if you are doing in a standard way. Access of eating, Access of running, access of studying, access of physical activity or anything in access is bad. So if your kids are doing anything in access then its not normal for them. Playing BGMI is not harmful if they play for 1 or two hour but playing more than this means your kids being addicted.

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Can a student of class 11 should play Bgmi?

If you are student and focused to your career then avoid playing BGMI. If you still want to play then play under control don’t be addict. Also play physical games to keep your body and mind fit.


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