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Pubg Mobile is the world’s most demanding game ever played on Mobile Devices, Tablets, Emulators, and PC worldwide. Many people play Pubg Mobile on lower-end devices and they do not get maximum FPS and that’s why they could not get a better experience of gameplay. Another hand the experience of PUBG Mobile on high-end devices is really excellent due to extreme FPS and HDR or UHD graphics and voice quality. In this post, you will know about “How to Play Pubg Mobile on Extreme”

No matter which device you have but you can play Pubg mobile at your maximum FPS. So before going ahead we need to understand FPS and Extreme FPS.

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What is FPS and Extreme FPS

What is the FPS?

FPS is a frequency of your device display known as Frame Per Second. For example your device support 60 FPS then it means your device refresh rate 60 times in 1 second and a higher refresh rate makes graphics more visible. But you need to know that if you are using a 60 FPS supported device it will never be applied on your game or App till you do not configure it manually because every game settings are limited and you can not enable it from game settings.

What is Extreme FPS?

As you have understood FPS now you need to know Extreme FPS and Extreme FPS means maximum Frame rate that your device supports and when you enable Frame Rate at extreme your game or app will run on the maximum supported fps for example if your device support 50 fps then it will run on 50 fps regularly for specific game and apps set for it. So, all the things clear about fps and extreme fps now need to apply in PUBG Mobile.

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How to Play PUBG Mobile on Extreme FPS Step by Step

  • You need to download the file from the link.
  • Extract files using any archiver app.
  • You will see the Config file
  • Now you need to place the Config file in you Directory given: Android>>Data>>com.tencent.ig>>Files>>UE4Game>>ShadowTrackerExtra>>ShadowTrackerExtra>>Save
  • Now clear all the things and restart the game
  • It will take some time to compile the config folder and the game will be started.
  • Now you can check your graphics setting where you will get extreme and 90 fps option where you can enable to extreme or according to your device configuration.

Note: After doing all the above processes you will get also options of Ultra HD Graphics and UHD Audio download options and if your device supports these things you can try it at your risk.

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