How to Play Pubg Mobile After Server Shutdown in India?

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How to Play Pubg Mobile After Server Shutdown in India?: Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile Lite both had been banned from Google Playstore and Apple Store on 2nd October 2020 but Server access for Pubg mobile were accessible till 30 October 2020. Now Pubg Corporation has released a Note before a day and shut downed the server on 30 October. After that Every Player who trying to access Pubg Mobile Getting a Notice of “Server Busy”.

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But need not worry who loves Pubg and wants to Play Pubg Mobile From India. The good news is that Pubg Mobile and Pubg Mobile Lite can be still played by the same user Id which was used before and it indicates that Pubg did not terminate their server but only blocked Indian Networks from accessing Pubg Mobile Global (Asia) Server and that’s why the problem occurs.

Pubg user database is still connected with Pubg Asia server and it is still accessible by users if they use VPN and select any location out of India or India. And all these things indicate that either Pubg is going to come back soon or their user database will be disconnected later.

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How to Play Pubg Mobile After Server Shutdown in India?

You can play Pubg mobile without VPN by downloading the latest Pubg Mobile 1.3 by visiting the given links. If it’s still not working for you then you can download VPN.

Steps to Install Pubg Mobile 1.3 Global Version

  1. If you have already the Pubg Mobile 1.0 version then you need to uninstall it.
  2.  Download Pubg Mobile 1.3 Global from the above link
  3. Now Install and run the app.
  4. Running app game will start and download the required resource files.
  5. After Downloading and Installing the game will ask to restart.
  6. Restart the game and it will take some time to compile all resource files.
  7. Now you are ready to play Pubg Mobile Global.

Playing Pubg Mobile on VPN Pros and Cons.

  • You can play Pubg mobile on VPN using Singapore Location on 100 and above ping which will reduce experience lower than before.
  • There is a chance of your account termination.
  • It is not legal to play a game accessing any site and any which is not permitted to use in your country.

Disclaimer: As Pubg Mobile is banned in India so, we don’t recommend to paly using this method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can We Activate Indian Id in Korean Server PUBG?

Simply Answer is NO because Indian Players play on the Global Version of PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile Global Version has a different Database server and Pubg Mobile Korean Version Has a Different Database server. So you can not Activate Indian Id in Korean Server PUBG.

Can We Activate Korean Id in PUBG Mobile India?

Clearly saying no, You can not be migrated from Pubg Mobile Korean Version to Pubg Mobile India Version because data transfer will only be possible for Global Indian Users only.

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