How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK



Battlegrounds Mobile India is a renewed version of Pubg Mobile Global. It is developed and published by Krafton Game Union for Indian Users Only. The new game has a lot of new features and a lot of similar features to the global version. To know more about the game you need to download battlegrounds mobile apk.


To download the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK follow the below steps.

How to Download Battlegrounds Mobile India APK

Battlegrounds Mobile India will not be available for everyone to play. To get early access of gameplay you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Visit the link and Pre-register for the game.
  2. You will get the download option just after the release of the game.
  3. If you still could not get the download option on play store Follow the Link
  4. You will get the apk file of size 610 MB.
  5. Download and Install It and Just Enjoy the Game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Rewards

The users who will pre-register for Battlegrounds Mobile India will get huge rewards it is announced on Battlegrounds Mobile India Official Page.  The rewards may include below items.

  1. UC: a battlegrounds mobile india currency to buy items.
  2. Skins: User may get gun skins, backpack skins, outfits and much more.
  3. AG: AG is also a currency that can be used to buy items from the battlegrounds mobile india shop
  4. silver coins:
  5. BP

So this is the process to download battlegrounds mobile india for any suggestions or help subscribe us on youtube. Don’t forget to participate in our royal pass giveaway.


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