Smokie Biography: Pubg Id, Real Name, Age, Income, Girlfriend

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Smokie is a professional eSports player who plays Pubg Mobile on a Mobile device. He used to change his in-game name and his current Pubg Name is Smxkie7. He also gains a lot of achievements in eSports. If We Talk About his Achievements, he is the Winners of Fighting League 2018, PMCO 2020 Regional Champions, PMIT 2ND Runner Up, and PMCO Fall Split South Asia Rank 4.

In this article, you will know all the information about Smokie Biography: Smokie real name, Smokie Pubg id, Age, control Setup, Sensitivity Settings, and much more.

Smokie Biography: Pubg Id, Real Name, Age, Income, Girlfriend, etc


Smokie Biography

Smokie’s real name is Shekar Patil and he is from Karnataka, India. Smokie is a Computer Science Engineer And Also Used To Work 9 to 5 Job For 6 Months. Earlier He Used To Play On Ipad But For Pursuing Esports Career he has to switch to Smartphones and He practiced a lot for performing well on mobile phones too because he was a very good player on Ipad. Smokie started his career with the TeamIND in 2018 but he left the TeamIND and joined GodLike in 2019. Smokie left the team GodLike on 4 March 2019 and joined Team Insidious where he played for almost 9 months and left the team to Join Nova GodLike which is another team partner of GodLike.

Smokie’s in-game role is IGL where he commands his teammates.

Smokie is also a content creator and makes content for YouTube and Facebook. Smokie is also active on Social Media. He uses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. Smokie also uses a discord server to communicate with peoples.


God Like Smokie Short biography

Real nameShekar Patil
Relationship statusSingle
Pubg NameSmxkie7
Pubg Id number61226587290
Clan nameFragGods
Controls4 finger + Gyroscope
RoleFragger, IGL
Instagram Idsmokie2op

Smokie Pubg ID

Smokie’s Pubg ID is 61226587290.

Smokie’s Religion

Smokie belongs to Hindu Religion and he is from Karnataka India.

Smokie Social Media

Instagram – smokie2op

Youtube – Smokie

Twitter: Shekar Patil

Smokie Control Setup 

He Has The 4 Fingers Gyro Setup, Only Follow This Settings If You are 4 Claw Player Or If You Still practicing then you can Follow This Layout setup.

smokie control layout
smokie control layout

Smokie Camera sensitivity settings (Free Look)

1st Person Camera – 100

Camera – 100

3rd Person Camera – 70

smokie camera sensitivity settings
smokie camera sensitivity settings
3rd Person (No scope)1001st Person No scope88
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope30
3× Scope224× Scope14
6× Scope12 8× Scope10

Smokie Camera sensitivity settings

smokie ads sensitivity settings
smokie ads sensitivity settings

Smokie ads Sensitivity Settings

3rd Person No Scope1001st Person No Scope88
Red dot, Holographic, Aim Assist502× Scope30
3× Scope224× Scope20
6× Scope208× Scope10
smokie ads sensitivity settings main

Smokie Gyroscope sensitivity settings

3rd Person No Scope3001st Person No Scope300
Red Dot, Holographic3002× Scope300
3× Scope2054× Scope175
6× Scope1158× Scope91
Smokie gyroscope settings

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What is Smokie Pubg ID?

Smokie Pubg ID is 61226587290 and he changed his ign Smxkie7.

Smokie gyroscope settings


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