Dynamo Gaming Biography: Real Name, Pubg ID, Age, Girlfriend, Pubg ID, etc

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Dynamo Gaming alias dynamo pubg is the big name of the Gaming Industry and he plays Pubg Mobile. Dynamo is a player who does not play competitive matches but his popularity is not less than any popular eSports player.

So in this article, we will know about Dynamo Gaming Biography which includes, Dynamo Real Name, Dynamo Pubg Id, Dynamo Girlfriend, Dynamo age, Dynamo Net Worth, Dynamo Youtube channel, and much more.

Dynamo Gaming Biography: Real Name, Pubg ID, Age, Girlfriend, Pubg ID, etc

Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Gaming’s Biography

Dynamo alias Dynamo Gaming’s real name is Aditya Sawant is a popular YouTuber. He was born on April 18, 1996, in Mumbai, India. He completed his schooling in Mumbai.

His father’s name is Deepak Sawant and his mother’s name is Vaishali Sawant. Dynamo also has a sister named Aaradhya Sawant. Adii Sawant’s grandmother’s name is Manjusha Kandalkar. Dynamo’s uncle, Sameer Kandalkar, helps him with YouTube video editing.

Real Name Aditya Sawant
Nickname Aadi, Dynamo
Age 25 Years (18 April 1996)
Pubg ID 591948701
Girlfriend Kanika
Net worth  ₹ 26 Cr
Nationality  Indian
Country India

Dynamo Gaming’s Girlfriend

As per reports, Adii Sawant’s girlfriend’s name is Kanika. He is also seen playing PUBG with his girlfriend on the live stream.

Adii Sawant’s connection with Magician Dynamo

Adii Sawant mentioned that he kept the name of his YouTube channel as Dynami in the past. He also said that he used to watch a show of the popular magician Dynamo and that is where the name of his YouTube channel originated.

Dynamo Gaming before being famous

He used to play games like Dota2, BF1, BF3, BF4, Apex, and GTA V. The videos of these games are now deleted from his channel. Later on, he also started playing the PUBG PC game. He did not gain success until his PUBG Mobile live streams on YouTube.

Inspiring Story of Dynamo Gaming aka Adii Sawant

Aditya Sawant started showing interest in games from a young age. He said in an interview that his mother used to give him ₹5 rupees for having breakfast in school but instead of having breakfast, he used to invest that money in a gaming parlor. He also mentioned that he set up his own PC with a limited amount of money that his father gave him. He started his gaming career on YouTube in 2010 and after 5 years, he hardly had 100 subscribers on YouTube. Back then, PUBB Mobile released and it was reportedly a turning point in his life. He used to play PUBG Mobile online on YouTube and with his first live streaming, he had a good amount of people who followed his work. He also received hate at the start of his gaming career but he never gave up on his dream. Today, he owns the title of “World’s Biggest PUBG Mobile Player”.

Dynamo’s popular dialogue

“Patt Se Headshot” is Dynamo’s most famous dialogue, known for saying this on his live stream. Another line like “Baap Se Panga Nahi Lete Bete” is also famous. The dialogues also went viral on social media.

First fan moment in Dynamo’s Life

Adii Sawant mentioned in an interview that once he was playing PUBG Mobile and was going to kill an opponent player as per the rules of the game. The opponent player told Dynamo to not kill him in the live stream as he was a big fan and had come to say hi. Dynamo’s fan started crying on the livestream as the fan could not believe that he was playing opposite Dynamo.

Dynamo Gaming has met Alan Walker

Dynamo met Alan Walker during an event in Mumbai. He also posted photos of the same on his Instagram handle.

Dynamo Gaming Picture

Dynamo is a philanthropist

A few months back, the gamer made a donation of ₹1 lakh for the Indian soldiers who died in a terrorist attack through the Bharatkeveer government website.

Dynamo Gaming Instagram

Dynamo Gaming joined Instagram on October 28, 2017. He has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram (as of June 5, 2020). The gamer has posted videos related to his live stream and has also shared some of his stylish photos on Instagram.

Dynamo Gaming YouTube

He has over 9.81 million subscribers and 792 million overall views (as of January 06, 2021) on his channel. He joined YouTube on July 21, 2010. One of his highest viewed video on YouTube is titled HACKER KILLED DYNAMO GAMING. The video has gained over 5.8 million views on YouTube. Recently, one of his videos titled The Story of Dynamo Gaming went viral on social media. The video is trending on YouTube currently.

Dynamo’s Net Worth

As per reports, his net worth is increased from ₹20 crores to ₹26 crores within 6 Months. He earns money from his YouTube channel through AdSense, Super chats, PayTM/GPay donations, and membership. He has also endorsed brands like HP India, AMD India, and other brands.

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Dynamo Gaming FAQ

We are including all the questions Frequently asked on the Internet regarding Dynamo or Dynamo Gaming.

Who is the owner of Dynamo gaming?

Aditya Sawant is the Owner of Dynamo Gaming

What is Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID?

Dynamo Gaming Pubg ID 591948701.

What is the Name of Dynamo Girlfriend

Dynamo’s girlfriend name is Kanika.

What is the Income/Earning of Dynamo Gaming

Dynamo Earn Approx. 26 Crore Per Annum.

What is the Ingame name of Dynamo Gaming?

Dynamo Gaming Ingame Name is H¥DRA丨DYNAMO.

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