Battlegrounds Mobile India: Early Access, Account Transfer, Stable Update and Much More



Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian Version of PUBG MOBILE Global. The was much awaited since the ban and faced many controversies but at least game gas been out and early access is available for the most of Indian PUBG Mobile Users. But many of the users are still not able to play the game due to limitation of early access.

As I have experienced the early access of game, the game features are most of similar to Global Version. All the Arena, Classic, and sniper training maps are similar to Pubg Mobile. Krafton tried to resolve policy and changed the Kill effect to green leave. Still game have lot of issues to fix and need wait for the stable version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI Early Access

Battlegrounds Mobile was expected to launch on 18 June 2021 but they released early access for the players as a taster on 17 June 2021. Still Stable version of the game release is not confirmed. The user who is trying to join with the Global ID and password is not getting older data and it automatically give options to create new account. So this is the big problem for the players who were expecting that their all the data will be transferred to BGMI.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI Data Transfer

Some of the user that connected with facebook and twitter can transfer some of the data from Global PUBG MOBILE to BGMI but all the data is still non-transferable. Outfits and and skin has been seen transferred from Old account to New account but some users complaining that they are not getting popularity and other season tier history so it is difficult for the player who invested time to gain the achievements.

How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile) on Android devices

Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI Play Game Account

Battlegrounds Mobile India early access has no option to transfer data from Google Play Game account and the user who only connect with the Google Play Game is very upset that how can they transfer their data.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI Conclusion

As my personal opinion still Battleground Mobile India have many things to fix and as a user I also experience the problem of data transfer from Google Play Account My account have almost 829 UC and continuous Royal Pass Season access and rewards but I could not transfer my account to BGMI.

Many People said that their friend list is also unavailable so their is big complications for the players and Krafton need to fix all the issue as soon as possible.

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How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India (PUBG Mobile) on Android devices


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