Battlegrounds Mobile India: 5 Best BGMI Players in India



When BGMI was Pubg Mobile Global there were a huge competition between PUBG MOBILE players world wide. But Now Pubg Mobile is not available in India and it is replaced by Battlegrounds Mobile India so the question comes who is the best BGMI player in India in 2021. So we are here to discuss 5 best BGMI players.

best bgmi players

5 Best BGMI Players in India

If we say that India is full with the talented players and Thousands of players who give outstanding performance can be seen on their channel but it does not declare that they are best because there is standard that decide the player is good, better or best. Many people think that if someone kills higher is winner in BGMI but it is myth. Only high kill can not help you to make a better player but it is depended upon your survival, health restore, damage and winning of the matches.

Many people decide the player is good if they are best Team Death Match but I think it is a contradiction that if you are pro in TDM then you will be the best in Classic Matches. No doubt TDM increase your ability but real tactics are used in only classic modes. So lets start to number the 5 best players of BGMI.

# 1 Jonathan

Jonathan is known for his Jiggle and best aim. he has been challenged by many players like MAVI, and he defeated in TDM. He has been seen doing clutches various of time. He is the only competitive player who do 1 vs 4 many times. there movement in BGMI is lightening fast. Many people understood him a hacker.


#3 Scout

# 4 Regaltos




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