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Battlegrounds Mobile India players have lot question regarding devices, gameplay, maps and much more and we are here to answer their all queries. So lets begin

How to play sniper training on the map Miramar in the game Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Actually Battlegrounds Mobile India and Pubg Mobile both have a single map built for snipper train so it is not possible to play sniper training in Miramar.

How to open battlegrounds Mobile India guest account?

Battlegrounds Mobile India does not offer guest account so you can only join the game using your email, google play game or social media account.

How to convert beta version of battleground Mobile India into official release version?

Beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India is actually not a beta version but it was an early access which was an complete version of game and You can update or download its official version from its website or google play store.

Is there a event to get free fallcoon in battleground Mobile India?

Pubg Mobile used to bring events to get falcon but there is no any confirmation or chance to get falcon event in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

When battleground Mobile India launched in Android 10 device?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is launched for ever devices either it is android 10, lower or above so don’t be confuse and go to download in play store.

Why battleground Mobile India take so much data?

Battlegrounds Mobile India includes lot of resource and files that’s why it consumes data and space too.

How can I make my battleground Mobile India account into public account?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an Indian Version and only available to play for India regions so you can not make any public account.

Will our beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India changed to main version of game after release?

Yes it has been converted to main version of BGMI Game.

Will Mclaren skin will come back in battlegrounds Mobile India?

If battleground Mobile India again collaborate with McLaren then it may be return.

What are the ways to login in battleground Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India have mainly 3 options available to login.

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Google Play Game

Is battlegrounds Mobile India also allow pre registration other than India?

Although this game is only for Indian users so it is not allowed to download and play the game outside India. But users can try to download using VPN.

When battleground Mobile India came to play in play store in India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is available to play and you can download it on Google Play Store.

If my age in Google account is 18 then can I easily login in battlegrounds Mobile India

Yes above age of 16 years user can login BGMI.



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