PMGC 2020 Tournament Ends With New Global Champion: Full Review



Pubg Mobile Global Championship 2020 (PMGC 2020) Final result has come and a New PMGC Champion Nova XQF is now sitting on the Number 1 position in the world by replacing BTR. This Championship again won by the South Asian Team. Nova XQF is now the world’s best team of Pubg Mobile eSports.

In this article, you will know all about PMGC 2020 Final Teams, PMGC 2020 Winner, PMGC 2020 2nd Winner, PMGC 2020 3rd Winner, PMGC 2020 Player of the Tournament, PMGC 2020 MVP of the Tournament, and much more.

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PMGC 2020 Champions

PMGC 2020 was held in Dubai and the elimination matches were played between 21 to 24. The Final PMGC 2020 matches were played on 26 January 2020 where all the 16 qualified teams participated. The Winner of the championship is Nova XQF a Chinese eSports Team. They won $700000 Prize money as a PMGC Champion.

PMGC 2020 Winners & Prize Money

Team 4AM performed well and obtained 2nd position in this tournament and they also won prize money of $200000.

Team ZEUS is just behind the 4AM and they missed 2nd position by 2 points although they are on the third position in this tournament. Team ZEUS won the prize money of $100000.

PMGC 2020 Final Performace Table

Nova XQF is the winner of PMGC 2020 but it was not too easy. Nova XQF really improved to gain the number one position and acquired PMGC 2020 Trophy. In the race with Nova XQF, there were only two teams first one is Four Angry Men (4AM) who was closer to Nova XQF and the second one is ZEUS. ZEUS was only 3 points behind to gain the number 2 position in PMGC 2020.

Team BTR, The previous PMGC champion has been stepped down to the number 5 position

PMGC 2020 Performance Table


As 4AM is the 2nd Winner of PMGC 2020 and the role of 4AMSUKKKK is really outstanding. 4AMSUKKKK is the MVP of the PMGC Final match.


PMGC 2020 Top 10 Fraggers

In the Fragger list of PMGC 2020, the number one position held by 4AMSUKKKK, Although Nova XQF player NVORDERYYY has the most 56 kills and he is on 2nd position of PMGC Fragger List. In this list, 3 players are only from Nova XQF. Paraboy is on 3rd position, Two Players of Team Zeus are in the list, Team BTR’s Zuxxy and Ryzen on 5th and 8th position respectively. Team Alpha and Team Navi’s 1 player in this list.

PMGC 2020 Top 10 Fragger

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