Ninja Biography: Real Name, Age, Wife, Country, Earning and etc.

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Ninja is a professional eSports Battle Royale Player and he gained huge popularity from YouTube and Twitch Streaming. Ninja’s most popularity came from Fornite when he was streaming on Twitch. Although, He plays various games Like PUBG, Valorant, and Warzone, etc. Ninja is not only a Gamer and Streamer but also owns a business and his brand Name Ninja. Ninja’s company sells Shoes, Clothes, and shoes. Ninja is also known for his goofy energetic personality and his incredible impressions.

In this article, you will know about Ninja Biography, Ninja Real Name, Ninja Wife, Ninja Age, Ninja Country, Ninja Earning, and much more.

Ninja Biography: Real Name, Age, Wife, Country, Earning and etc.

Ninja Biography

Ninja’s real name is Richard Tyler Blevins. Ninja is an American Gamer and Streamer who was born on 5 June 1991.

Ninja’s eSports career started in 2009 when he started playing Halo 3. Ninja has played for many eSports Teams. Ninja’s favorite game was Halo which was released 1st released in 2001 although Ninja started playing with Halo 3.

He had studied from 2005 to 2009 and was also working at that time in a Noodle company. But he had not left playing games.

After some time, he was streaming at Twitch. tv and had also started earning from donations. He had left his job and school when he started earning from the gaming platform.

Ninja WIKI

Real NameRichard Tyler Blevins
Age30 Years (5 June 1991)
Wife/Girlfriend/SpouseJessica Goch (Married in 2017)
ProfessionGamer, Youtuber, Businessman
Net Worth$10000000 (Approx.)
Social AccountsYoutube, Twitch, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook
Favourite GamesFortnite, Valorant, Call of Duty


After playing a lot of time Halo and H1Z1, then he switches to another game which is today’s sensation PUBG. His followers were rising slowly. But after Fortnite, his career reaches its peak. His followers were rising and he becomes the most popular gamer with the highest followers in the gaming field.

More than 6,00,000 people came alive when he was playing Fortnite with Drake, Travis Scott, and Schuster.

He got many awards for his amazing performance in games. In 2019, he gets $1 million from Electronic arts to promote their app Apex Legends. Ninja has more than 24 million subscribers on YouTube and he is earning almost $5,00,000 monthly for streaming Fortnite.

Ninja’s Real Name

Ninja’s Real Name is Richard Tyler Blevins and he is one of the most popular YouTubers of America.

Ninja’s Age

Ninja’s age is 29 Years and he was born on 5 June 1991.

Ninja’s Wife

Ninja’s wife’s name is Jessica Goch and they got married in 2017.

Ninja’s Earning

Ninja’s estimated monthly earning is $700000. He earned from various platforms like youtube, owned Business, and other promotions and sponsorships.

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Why is Ninja So Famous?

Ninja Started his career with streaming and he becomes famous when he started playing Fortnite he also gained a lot of popularity due to his personality and business. He also owns a business on his brand name Ninja which also helped to make him more famous. Although Ninja also working in the movie Free Guy.

What happened to Ninja Fortnite?

Ninja is a Professional game that got a lot of success in the way of Followers and Subscribers after Streaming Fornite gameplay on Twitch.

What is the Meaning of Ninja?

What is the Net Worth of Ninja?


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