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Pubg Mobile is the game that has given many popular faces in the gaming industry and Izzo is also a famous Pubg Mobile Player and YouTuber.

If you are looking to know Izzo’s real name, Izzo sensitivity Settings, Izzo control layout, Izzo Pubg Id, Izzo Pubg country,  Izzo face, Izzo age, and Izzo net worth. Well, he is a European Pubg mobile player. He belongs to Denmark. below you can see the little information related to his life.

Izzo Short Biography

Real name Ismael
Country Denmark
Date of birth not known
Pubg Name M.IzzoG
Pubg Id number 524764770
Team name not in a clan
role All-rounder
Controls 2 Thumb Player with Gyro On
Email Not Disclosed
Instagram Id izzoofficial
Device iPhone Xs Max
Youtube Izzo

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Izzo Biography

Izzo is a professional Pubg mobile player from Denmark, he is the Pubg mobile content creator, he usually plays and uploads a good part of the games on his youtube channel and Instagram, he has 1M subscribers on youtube and 106k followers on Instagram. Izzo Real name is Ismael. He is a few of the Good 2 Thumb players in the Pubg mobile community.

Izzo real Name

The real name of Izzo is Ismael.

Izzo character Id

Izzo’s Pubg Mobile id is 524764770.

Izzo religion.

Izzo is a Muslim

Izzo device

Izzo uses iPhone Xs Max for Gaming.

Izzo control Setup

He is a 2 Thumb + Gyro

Izzo age

Izzo is 23 Years Old.

Izzo Youtube

Izzo YouTube channel Name is Izzo. and He has over 1M subscribers on his channel. You can visit his channel by visiting the link.

Izzo total Earnings


Izzo social media


Ismael has 106k+ followers on his Instagram account. where he only used to upload his gameplay.

Izzo Gameplay videos

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