Four Angry Men

Four Angry Men alias 4AM is a Chinese eSports Team which plays competitive matches under PUBG MOBILE eSports competitions.

Four Angry Men

Four Angry Men: Complete Information

4AM(Four Angry Men) was established on 20th February 2019. At the time of formation popular player, 33svan and su joined the team with two other players.

  • The team announced the 1st roast for PEL on October 26th, 2019.
  • PEL S1 2020 roster announcement was done on 20th March 2020
  • July 22th – PEL S2 2020 roster announced on 22nd July 2020.
  • PEL S3 2020 roster announcement was done on 22 September 2020.

Four Angry Men Roaster

Active Squad
ID Name Role Join Date
China Suk Feng Shujie Starter 2019-02-20
China Xinhe Li He Starter 2019-02-20
China Hasaki Wu Chunjian Starter 2019-02-20
China 33Svan Zhong Hongsen Starter 2019-02-20
China QingChen Zhang Youquan Starter 2020-07-22

Four Angry Men Earning

4AM expected earning in 2020 was 982523 (In US Dollars).

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