Fatalfrag Pubg Id, Country, face reveal, Sensitivity Settings, Controls, wiki

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FatalFrag is the most reachest Pubg Mobile Player. FatalFrag has the world’s most costlier inventory in Pubg Mobile. FatalFrag is also a YouTuber who uploads videos of Pubg Mobile Gameplay, Crate opening, and Gun up-gradation. popular YouTuber who

In this article, you will know the biography of FatalFrag. FatalFrag Bio will let you know FatalFrag Real name, Fatalfrag Pubg Id, FatalFrag Country, Fatalfrag Face, Fatalfrag Net Worth, Fatalfrag Pubg Sensitivity Settings, Fatalfrag Controls, And Fatalfrag Wikipedia?

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Fatalfrag Pubg Id, Country, face reveal, Sensitivity Settings, Controls, wiki

FatalFragFatalfrag Biography

FatalFrag is a reachest gaming youtube streamer from China, he has more than 1 Million Subscribers on youtube, but the main thing is he joined youtube last year (20 June 2019) and got so much love from the audience. Till today 20 July 2020 he Got 95,811,582 views on the youtube channel, he also has 1 more youtube channel named FatalFrag 2.0 where he has 76k+ subscribers.

He is the richest Pubg mobile player in the world. He has one of the expensive Pubg mobile inventory in the world.

Fatalfrag Short Biography

Real name Fatalfrag
Country China
Age 21 Years
Pubg Name Fatalfrag
Pubg Id number 5373696835
Team name not in a clan
role All-rounder
Controls Only 8 finger Player with Full Gyro On
Email Nt
Instagram Id fatalfrag
Device iPad 11 Pro Max
Youtube fatalfragyt

Fatalfrag Inventory

He spent more than 5M$ to become the most expensive inventory Pubg Mobile player.

Fatalfrag Real Name

FatalFrag is the Real Name of FatalFrag

Fatalfrag Pubg Id

FatalFrag Pubg Id is 5373696835.

Fatalfrag Religion

FatalFrag is a Christain.

Fatalfrag Device

FatalFrag has 2 Devices iPad & iPhone 11 Pro Max

Fatalfrag Age

FatalFrag is 24 Years old.

Fatalfrag Youtube

Fatalfrag have two YouTube channels

1. Fatalfrag

2. FatalFrag 2.0

where He has more than 1 million subscribers and 1.39 lakh Subscribers respectively on his channel.

Fatalfrag Popularity rating in Pubg


Fatalfrag Total Earnings


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Fatalfrag: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fatalfrag?

Fatalfrag is the most popular YouTuber known for Pubg Mobile Gameplay and Fatalfrag has World’s most expensive Inventory of Pubg Mobile.

What is Fatalfrag Pubg ID?

Fatalfrag Pubg Mobile Id is 5373696835.

Where is FatalFrag From?

FatalFrag’s country name is China according to his Pubg ID.

Most Expensive Pubg Mobile Account

Fatal Frag account is the most expensive Pubg Mobile Account.

Who has biggest inventory in PUBG MOBILE?

Fatal Frag is the player who have worlds biggest and costilier inventory.


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