BTR Luxxy Biography: Real Name, Pubg ID, Age, Religion, etc

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BTR Luxxy is the most popular name of Pubg Mobile eSports and he has the Global Championship Title of Pubg Mobile 2020. In this article we are briefing about BTR Luxxy Real name, Religion, Girlfriend, Control Setting, Sensitivity Setting, Graphic Setting, Pubg Id, BTR Luxxy Device, And much more.

btr luxxy

BTR Luxxy Biography: Real Name, Pubg ID, Age, Religion, etc

BTR Luxxy Biography

BTR Luxxy is a Pubg Mobile eSports Player who plays for BIGETRON RED ALIENS an Indonesian eSports Company. Luxxy started playing Pubg Mobile From Season 2 which was just 3 months later of the Pubg Mobile Launch. Luxxy started playing like a pro since season 2 and their KD was Approx. 12+ with most 24 kills on Mobile Device. BTR Luxxy’s in-game role is as a Snipper and Support and his Current Season KD is 5.65+.

Luxxy is the PMWL East 2020 final top fragger and his team BTR won the PMWL 2020 league title and league final title as well, in this tournament Indian Team Orange rock and Tsm Entity ranked 2nd and 6th position respectively. Orange Rock Just Missed the PMWL 2020 Title By Just 9 Points.

Luxxy is also a content creator and makes content for YouTube and His YouTube Channel Luxxy Gaming has Approx. 1.2 Million subscribers. Luxxy started his YouTube channel in 2015 on 12 December. Recently BTR Luxxy and his mates won the title of PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 and become WORLD CHAMPION in PUBGM Community.

BTR Luxxy Information Card

BTR Luxxy Information Card

Real NameMade Bagus Prabaswara
Age17 Years (May 31, 2003)
TeamBigetron RA
KD (Current)5+ PMCO Champion
Pubg ID511765696

BTR Luxxy Real Name

BTR Luxxy Real name is Bagus Prabaswara. He is from Indonesia. He is the Professional PUBG Mobile Player for Bigetron eSports. Bagus Prabaswara is a founder of the Luxxy Gaming Youtube channel and his In-game Name Is BTR Luxxy, his In-Game Id Is 511765696. He is a Sniper And Playing as a Supporter.

His Brother BTR Zuxxy is Also a Pro Pubg mobile Player and IGL.

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BTR Luxxy Religion

BTR Luxxy is an Indonesian Muslim.

BTR Luxxy Device and Control

Luxxy started playing Pubg Mobile on Mobile from Season II and Right now he is playing on the most recommended brand for Pubg Mobile, iPhone 11 Pro Max and he is a 4 Claw Player.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Details

BTR Luxxy Girlfriend

BTR Luxxy Girlfriend’s name is Jeha Anais and her picture is below.

btr luxxy gf

BTR Luxxy PUBG Profile

BTR Luxxy Latest Profile Season 16: You can see PMCO Global Champion Tag on top of the head.

Luxxy Pubg Profile

BTR Luxxy Achievements

2020-08-091stPremierPUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: East$155,000
2018-12-091stMinorFighting League 2018 – Indonesia$6,900
2019-04-051stQualifierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: Indonesia Qualify$4,000
2019-06-093rdQualifierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA League$3,500
2019-07-142ndMajorPUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship 2019$13,200
2019-07-285thPremierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split Global Finals$10,000
2019-09-141stMinorBubu Esports Tournament 2019: Men$11,815
2019-09-285thMinorGaming Coronation 2019$218
2019-11-036thMajorPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA Championship$6,000
2019-12-011stPremierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals$205,00
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BTR Luxxy Frequently Asked Questions

BTR Luxxy Real Name

BTR Luxxy Real Name is Bagus Prabaswara.

BTR Luxxy Girlfriend Name

BTR Luxxy’s Girlfriend Name is Jeha Anais.

BTR Luxxy Country Name

BTR Luxxy is from Indonesia.

BTR Luxxy Religion

BTR Luxxy is a Muslim boy.

BTR Luxxy Device (Mobile) Name

BTR Luxxy Play on most valuable brand iPhone 11 Pro Max

BTR Luxxy Age

BTR Luxxy is 17 Year eSports Pubg Mobile Player and his DOB is 31 May 2003.

BTR Luxxy Pubg ID

BTR Luxxy Pubg ID is 511765696.

What is BTR Luxxy Salary?

BTR Luxxy takes $100000 which is the highest paid salary of any eSports Player.

What is BTR Luxxy Layout Code?

Layout Code of BTR Luxxy is 6916-3300-6713-2416-747.


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