BTR: Bigetron Red Aliens

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BTR is the world’s most famous eSports company that participates in Pubg Mobile Tournaments. BTR (Bigetron Red Alliance) is an Indonesian Clan that previously has won PMGC (Pubg Mobile Global Championship) by defeating OR (Orange Rock), an Indian eSports Team of Pubg Mobile.

BTR: Bigetron Red Alliance

BTR: Bigetron Red Alliance

BTR was formed on 28 March 2017 and formerly it was as BEM (Bigetron eSports Mobile). BTR formed their first Pubg Mobile team in May 2018 and included Zuxxy, Luxxy, NaTic and KinGzz as a player. Later, in November 2018 Ryzen joined the BTR team.

BTR really does work out on their players and on 5th January KinGzz left the team. As I said BTR really very professional eSports company, they created another team B and NaTic moved from team A to team B due to not average performance. MicroBoy took place of NaTic in the team and BTR also changed their Bran Name BEM to BTR. Boya also joined the team BTR as a coach for PMCO Fall Split Global Final.

BTR Player Roaster

BTR (Bigetron Red Alliance) has two teams for Pubg Mobile and they promote the best performing player to Team one with the player who does not perform above average in team one.

 IDNameRoleJoin Date
1ZuxxyMade Bagas PramuditaIGL, Scout2018-05-28
2LuxxyMade Bagus PrabaswaraSniper2018-05-28
3RyzenMuhammad AlbiMain Rusher2018-11-03
4LiQuiDLeander DeusfielSniper2020-10-10
5AliceMaureen GabriellaSubstitute, Sniper2020-03-02

BTR Achievements

2020-10-251stA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Southeast Asia$32,000
2020-09-131stA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Fall Split 2020: Indonesia League$14,850
2020-08-091stS-TierPUBG Mobile World League 2020 – Season 0: East$155,000
2020-05-032ndA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Southeast Asia$20,500
2020-04-051stA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Indonesia Finals$20,000
2020-03-291stA-TierPUBG Mobile Pro League – Spring Split 2020: Indonesia League$13,045
2019-12-011stS-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split Global Finals$205,000
2019-10-131stA-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split: SEA League$8,600
2019-06-232ndA-TierPUBG Mobile Club Open – Spring Split: SEA Championship$20,000
2018-10-211stA-TierPUBG Mobile Indonesia National Championship$12,412
btr pubg team

BTR Awards

BTR Earnings

BTR eSports earned $22323 in 2018 and hugely increased earning 14 times in 2019 with total earnings of $283381. Although 2020 was a pandemic year still BTR earned $398392 in 2020

BTR Earning Chart

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