Atro Biography: Pubg ID, Real Name, Country, Device, Religion, Net Worth

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Atro is the popular Pubg Mobile Player who plays Pubg Mobile on a PC emulator. He is mostly known for his unbeatable Snipping. He is the best sniper who can knock the enemy from a moving car.

In this article, you will know about Atro Biography, Atro Pubg ID, Real Name, Atro Device, Atro Country, Atro’s Net Worth, Atro Religion, Atro Youtube Channel, Atro Instagram Account, Atro Discord Server, and much more.

Atro Biography: Pubg ID, Real Name, Country, Device, Religion, Net Worth, etc

Atro Biography

Atro is the world’s famous professional Pubg mobile (Emulator) Player and his real name is Atro. He is From Iraq But Currently settled in the Netherlands, He Is One of the best Pubg Mobile Player from the middle east region. Atro is also a content creator who creates content for YouTube and Facebook.

Atro’s YouTube channel is the 2nd most subscribed Pubg mobile streamer after Dynamo. Atro’s YouTube channel has 9.62 Million Subscribers.


أترو/Atro Short Biography

Real nameAtro
Date of birth00-00-1994
Pubg Nameحاقد؟
Pubg Id number5587557062
Team nameATR ATRO
Age26 Years
Instagram Idatro55

Atro YouTube Channel

The name of the channel of Atro is also Atro, he has more than 7M Subscribers on youtube and 1M+ Followers on his Instagram. He is very famous for his snipping skills. He is a 26-year-old streamer who has more than 7M subscribers on his youtube channel named أترو/Atro and 2M Subscriber on his 2nd youtube channel named Atro Plus. He has the most popularity On Pubg Mobile and the world’s best Inventory of Pubg Mobile.

أترو/Atro real Name

Atro Real Name is Atro.

أترو/Atro Pubg Id


أترو/Atro Religion


أترو/Atro device

Pc (Emulator)

أترو/Atro Age


أترو/Atro Youtube

Atro YouTube channel Name is Atro and atro plus. and He has over 7M subscribers and 2 M+ Subscribers respectively on his channel.

أترو/Atro Net Worth

Atro’s estimated net worth is $50,584.

أترو/Atro Social media

Atro has 1M+ followers on his Instagram account. where he only used to upload his gameplay and his pictures.

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Atro Pubg: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Atro Pubg?

Atro Pubg is a Popular Gamer, and Content Creator from Netherland. He is recognized for his best snipping in Pubg Mobile Gameplay.

What is the Pubg ID of Atro?

Atro’s Pubg id is 5587557062 and he plays in Europe Server.


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