Mumbai Indians Vs King XI Punjab Win Prediction Today

Mumbai Indians Vs King XI Punjab, match will be played in Sheikh Zayed Stadium. Where Mumbai Indians has been played 3 matches and win only one match. Another hand King XI Punjab also in same position. But due to high scoring matches King XI Punjab is above in Point table. So, the situation is of Do or Die for both teams. We are going to first analyze teams strong and weak points and then prediction of team who may win the match.

First we are going to discuss about Mumbai Indians, if we focus on previous matches of Mumbai Indians and compare there batting performance. As per records of last 3 matches Mumbai Indians may score 180-190 in this match but this score is not safe for Mumbai Indians because 200 score is easy for King XI Punjab in their last matches.

Now we are going to discuss about Mumbai Indians balling performance. Mumbai Indians balling performance is also average and ballers do not give runs but also cannot take wicket. If you can not pull down wickets you can not dismantle a team.

Kings XI Punjab scoring enough runs to win but luck is not with them. Kings XI Punjab scored more than 200 two times but team only won one match. Ballers of Mumbai Indians are not efficient.

But still we can say that King XI Punjab will win this match today.