4 batsmen who have scored the slowest century in IPL



T20 cricket is a format where playing fast is considered to be everything. The fast batting players are also seen from a different point of view and the fans also like them very much. This is also applicable in the IPL where more importance is given to the batsmen with big shots than traditional methods and techniques. Every team prefers to take such batsmen and their selection is also easy in the playing eleven.

slowest ipl century

Brendon McCallum, who scored a century in the opening match of the first edition of the IPL, showed that fast play is of different importance in this game and league and the team can also get the benefit due to playing at a good strike rate. Chris Gayle and many other batsmen later scored as fast as they could, scoring centuries. Gayle also held the record for the most runs scored in an innings in IPL history. Amidst all this, there have been some batsmen whose name is tagged to score a slow century. They are discussed here only.

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4 batsmen who have scored the slowest century in IPL

1. Kevin Pietersen

This England player’s name comes in third place in this list. Kevin Pietersen played a century in 64 IPL against Deccan Chargers in the 2012 IPL while playing for Delhi. Kevin Pietersen was batting on one side but the wickets of the Delhi Daredevils team were falling on the other side. Peterson completed his century by hitting a six with a personal score of 97 runs. Due to these innings, the Delhi team also achieved the target of 157 runs from Deccan Chargers.

Pietersen became a hero in the match due to his century. He had to stand and he proceeded while doing the same.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar faced 66 balls and scored an unbeaten 100 while playing for the Mumbai Indians in the 2011 IPL against the Kochi Tuskers. Among the slowest IPL centuries, this innings of Sachin.

3. David Warner

The second number in this list also comes from David Warner, who scored a century while playing for Delhi against KKR. While playing in the 2010 IPL, Warner faced a century in 66 balls.

Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey hit a century in the 56th match of the second season of IPL. This season was played in South Africa and Pandey became the first Indian batsman to score a century in the IPL. In 2009, he completed a 67-ball century against Deccan Chargers while playing for RCB. Pandey played an unbeaten inning of 114 runs and faced a total of 73 balls. RCB’s team won the match. It was only after this innings that Manish Pandey shone and later he got a chance to play from some other teams as well. His innings became forever memorable but this is the slowest century in the IPL.

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