A Shameful Defeat in Cricket History: India Cricket is in Worst Situation



Cricket is a game which is the most popular game in the world and it was started playing in India by Britishers. India made a lot of records and was always on the top list of  International Cricket. If we talk about ODI Matches or Test Format Indian Cricket was a shining star and later India becomes emperor in T20 Cricket Also. All these things increased fan following for cricket in India as well cricketers also got loved by their fans.

But A Shameful Defeat in Cricket History against Australia is undigestable. Australian Cricketers also could not believe that India could not touch 50 runs in the second inning. Indian Cricket is in Worst Situation if we see Records of the Indian Cricket team are looking scattered and the confidence level of players can be seen in Previous ODI matches. India loses its ODI Series against Australia very easily and the notable thing is India wins the T-20 series very hard although they played many T-20 matches before the Australia Tour. when they come to play a respective format Test match series they could not touch at least 300 runs in two-inning.

Team India 1st Inning Fall of Wicket Analysis

  • Prithvi Shaw Most praised by Coach Ravi Shastri and also was praised by Legend Sachin Tendulkar could not play 6 balls of an over and bold by Pat Cummins at 0.
  • Mayank Agarwal played 40 balls and scored 17 runs which are not up to the mark but it was helpful to survive the team for day 1.
  • Cheteswar Pujara Did well played 160 balls and hits 43 runs for the team
  • Virat Kohli played captaincy inning of 74 runs in 180 balls. Some hope was mashed when he was run out.
  • Ajinkya Rahane also did well and scored 42 runs in 92 balls.
  • Hanuma Vihari scored 16 runs in 25 balls
  • Wridhiman Shaha could not do well as we have seen in IPL T-20. He only scored 9 runs in 26 balls.
  • Ravichandran Ashwin scored 15 runs in 20 balls is far better than Prithvi Shaw although he, not a batsman

A blind person can feel the situation of Indian Cricket. Another Shameful record made by the Indian cricket team and right now they beat the Pakistan Cricket record of minimum run in an inning.

Team India 2nd Inning Fall of Wicket Analysis

It is very shameful to discuss that not a single player can hit a score in double-digits. Mayank Agarwal scored 9 runs which is the highest run of the 2nd inning by India. India’s 3 players could not hit a single run and go to the pavilion on a score of 0. These things heart the Indian Cricket Fans and also the Prestige of Indian Cricket as well its also indicate that Management of Indian Cricket is not working honestly.

My Opinion on Indian Cricket and Shameful Defeat Against Australia

I think that Indian Cricket is sleeping in deep sleep and things going on flawlessly. As we have seen the performance of Prithvi Shaw in IPL 2020 was too below average but still he was selected to play Test Cricket. Kohli did a little well but could not come out to the India team. We cannot say about all the things that happen due to Virat Kohli, Wriddhiman Saha, or Prithvi Shaw but it happens due to management because management has no Idea that which player is able to survive in the Test Cricket, ODI, and T-20.

If we watch on players who performed worst in IPL were selected for Test Cricket. So, how can we expect that they will perform well in ODI and Test Matches? Either India has no players for test cricket or they don’t want to select except some selected names.

Before IPL, players were selected from local match performance who plays Test format and ODI matches locally but now the selection process totally changed and players become select form IPL performance. Now cricket is not a game played for the prestige it’s become a way of making money.

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