Contributor Welcome Page (Guidelines)

Welcome to our Contributor Program

Welcome to our Contributor Program, We are offering you to contribute your thoughts, ideas, tips, and tricks that may help other peoples. This program will also help you to learn a lot of things like writing Skills, User Interest, and much more with the chance of earning without any investment.

But you need to follow our guidelines to become a contributor.

Follow the Guidelines

  • Write Genuine Information.
  • Write in Your Own Style, Never copy anyone.
  • Always Keep Freshness in the content.
  • Don’t use unnecessary external or Internal Links.
  • Inter-link only specific type of post or page Available on the website.

What Do You Get if You Write for Us

For Indian Authors

  • Write 4 Post Everyday to Get ₹3000 Fixed Earning.
  • If Your Posts Earn More than ₹3000/Month, You Will Get an Additional 10% on the earned amount after ₹3000.

For Non-Indian Authors

  • You will get a share of 50% earned from Adsense (*The amount will be paid after reaching at least $50).
  • You can get hired permanently (*Depends upon your performance).
  • You can earn more if you bring a paid backlink (*50% share)

What Should You Not Do to Work with Us?

  • We check every contributor’s post thoroughly. So, never try to give links to another website unnecessarily.
  • Never Write Content Except: Sports, eSports, Games, Gaming Device, Tips & Tricks Related to Sports & eSports.

*Note: Any suspicious activity will lead to the termination of your contributor account and no amount will be paid if any earned by your posts (You will also get a chance to prove yourself if mistakes happen wrongly).

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