Pubg Mobile Royal Pass Season 20 Month 2: 1 to 50 RP Rewards



So Pubg Mobile Bring a big change in their Royal Pass Structure. Till Season 19 Pubg Mobile Royal Pass have 8 Weeks period where user pays 600 uc to purchase elite royal pass. Players also get 1 to 100 RP rank to complete to get rewards. But since Royal Pass Season 20 is divided in three parts according to month, user need to buy royal pass for every cycle and need to complete all the ranks to achieve uc and other items.

So guys you have been seen all the rewards of Royal Pass Season 20 Cycle 1 and here we bring leak of Royal Pass Season 20 Cycle 2, 1 to 50 RP rewards so lets watch the rewards.

So here I will share important RP rewards List

Royal Pass Season 20 Month 2(Cycle 2) Rewards

Royal Pass Rank 1


The players who buy Royal Pass Season 20 Cycle 2 will get an awesome looking outfit “Marine Predator Set”

Royal Pass Season 20

Gun Skin

on the same rank player will get Marine Marauder UZI gun Skin.

RP Season 20 Gun skins

Royal Pass Rank 9

On rank 9 of Royal Pass Season 20 Cycle 2 players will get a back pack skin.

RP Season 20 M2 Backpack

Royal Pass Rank 13

Rank 13 achievement will let you get Parachute skin of the royal pass season 20 month 2

RP Rank 20

A brand new airoplane skin will be obtained on Rank 20.

RP 20 M2 Parachute Skin

RP rank 25 Reward

A really good dress for female character and it is a pink school girl dress can be obtained after reaching RP 25

School Girl Pink Dress

RP rank 30 Reward

A brand new grenade skin on rp 30 rank will be awarded

RP 20 Grenade Skin

RP Rank 35 Reward

I think RP Rank 30 reward is the one of the best reward of royal pass season 20 M2. This QBZ skin is really awesome and i think this is the first skin of the QBZ gun since Pubg Mobile 1st Season.

QBZ Skin RP 20 C2

RP Rank 40 Reward

So in the rp season 20 m2 cycle this is the third gun skin. M24 Gun skin is average and best for the new players who bought rp 1st time.

RP Rank 50 Reward

So this is the final outfit which user will get on reaching on RP Rank 50 this is the mythic outfit.

So this is all about royal pass season 20 month 2 rewards. Stay tuned to get latest updates.

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